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Hide-and-Seek is a recurring minigame in the The Legend of Zelda series.[name reference needed]


Majora's Mask[]

OoA Hide-and-Seek

Link playing hide-and-seek with the Stray Fairies in Oracle of Ages

During the first three days, Deku Link must burst the Majora's Mask balloon in North Clock Town once he obtains the Magic Meter.[1] By doing so, the hide-and-seek minigame will be triggered. Deku Link must then find all 5 Bombers hiding all around Clock Town. The Bombers can be found hiding in North Clock Town behind a tree and the slide, outside the Post Office in West Clock Town, and in East Clock Town, above Stock Pot Inn and the Milk Bar. Once all of them are found, the Bombers will give Deku Link the password to gain entrance to the Astral Observatory.[2] Once Link learns the Song of Healing, he can play hide-and-seek once again in his Hylian form in order to obtain the Bombers' Notebook.[3]

In the Moon, Link can play another game of hide-and-seek with the Moon Children.[4] In order to play, Link must give a certain number of Masks to a child so he can access a mini-dungeon.[5] Once Link reaches the end of it, he will find a child waiting in the final room. Link must then give him more masks in order to exit the dungeon.[6] This process must be repeated with each of the four children. As a result, Link gives away all 20 of his masks and is rewarded with the Fierce Deity's Mask.[7][8]

Oracle of Ages[]

In Oracle of Ages, Link must find three Stray Fairies hiding in the Fairies' Woods in order to gain access to the Wing Dungeon. Once the hide 'n' seek game starts, the Fairies will rearrange the woods in a different order. If Link takes the wrong path, he will be returned to the screen where he first met the Fairies. Once all three Fairies are found, the woods will return to normal.

The Wind Waker[]

In The Wind Waker, Link can speak to Mrs. Marie, teacher of the School of Joy in Windfall Island. By doing so, she will ask Link to help her make the Killer Bees attend to school again. Link must then talk to them just outside the school.[9] The Killer Bees will then challenge him to a hide-and-seek game.[10] They can be found hiding atop the tallest tree near the island's dock and behind the Bomb Shop, gravestone, and a bush at the ledge next to the school. Once all four of them are found, they will reward Link with a Piece of Heart.[11]



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