"There is a hidden village up ahead, little human. The elders call it a forgotten place. This scent that has been burning in my nostrils... it is the scent of evil. There is one powerful creature I have seen about... but under that beast are many minions who attack and plunder like a pack of hyenas. There are 30... No... At most, 20 of them ahead..."

The Hidden Village (Hylian HHylian IHylian DHylian DHylian EHylian NHylian SpaceHylian VHylian IHylian LHylian LHylian AHylian GHylian E), also known as the Bygone Village and Old Kakariko (Hylian OHylian LHylian DHylian SpaceHylian KHylian AHylian KHylian AHylian RHylian IHylian CHylian O) is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This barren, western-style town was once occupied by protectors of the Royal Family of Hyrule. Impaz, an old woman named after the the one who built the town, lives there in solitude under Royal Decree. Since it was abandoned, the town has been overrun by a band of Bulblins, who constantly patrol the area, stopping Impaz from ever leaving her home.

In addition to Impaz and the Bulblins, several cats inhabit the village. A Howling Stone and the Cucco Leader are also found in the village. During the Twili invasion, the only entrance into the town is blocked by a massive boulder. Darbus, leader of the Gorons, breaks through the rock to repay Link for saving him from his mutation caused by the Fused Shadows.

Ilia spent some time here with Impaz after being captured by Bulblins. She later escaped with Impaz's help and left her the Horse Call, an item that is later instrumental in restoring Ilia's memory.

Non-canonical appearances

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Link's Crossbow Training

The Hidden Village serves as the location for The Shootout. Link must walk through the Hidden Village and shoot all 25 of the Bulblins before time runs out.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The musical track from this area, "The Hidden Village", appears as one of the available songs for the Bridge of Eldin stage.

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-After talking with Impaz (after you get the Horse Call), Midna does not let you turn wolf form or warp out no matter where you go within the Hidden Village.


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Since the Kakariko Village from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and the Hidden Village have similar locations, some conclude that the Hidden Village is the original Kakariko Village. This theory gains strength when translating the Hylian Language in the Hidden Village, as two big billboard says "Welcome to Old Kakarico" (Hylian WHylian EHylian LHylian CHylian OHylian MHylian EHylian SpaceHylian THylian OHylian SpaceHylian OHylian LHylian DHylian SpaceHylian KHylian AHylian KHylian AHylian RHylian IHylian CHylian O) (the "c" is a probable misspelling or some sort of Old Hylian language, which later evolved into the Hylian language as it is now known). Additionally, in Link's Crossbow Training, the level of the Hidden Village is called 'Kakariko Shootout'.

Impaz states that she was named after the founder of this village, and her name bears a strong resemblance to that of Impa. If Impaz is referring to Impa, then the Hidden village is most likely the Kakariko Village from Ocarina of Time. Impa was born and raised in the original Kakariko Village, and while she opened the village to non-Sheikah, she was not its founder. This may serve as evidence against the theory, or it may be a retcon. Of course there are already multiple Impas, any of which might be the founder, or none of them. If this theory is false, there are three Kakariko Villages: the original from Ocarina of Time, the Hidden Village, also known as Old Kakariko, and the Kakariko Village from Twilight Princess.

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