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The Hidden Skills are seven special Sword techniques taught by the Hero's Spirit and learned by Link in Twilight Princess.[1]


To acquire a Hidden Skill, Link must first find specific Howling Stones that will teach him a new song. Once Wolf Link howls the melody with the White Wolf, which is the wolf form of the Hero's Spirit, he will ask Link to transform into his human self and find him, pinpointing the location on Link's Map.[2] When Link has found the White Wolf, Link will be transported to a cloudy area, where he will be taught the Hidden Skill by the Hero's Spirit. However, before the session begins, the Hero's Spirit will always ask Link if he is ready to learn the next skill.[3] Should Link say no, the Hero's Spirit will transport Link back to Kingdom of Hyrule. If Link says yes, the Hero's Spirit will test him to see if he properly learned the previous Hidden Skill.[4] If he passes the test, the Hero's Spirit will proceed to teach Link the next skill.[5]

Although up to seven Hidden Skills can be learned throughout Kingdom of Hyrule, only the first one, the Ending Blow, is required to finish Link's quest. As such, the first meeting with the White Wolf cannot be avoided.

Ending Blow

Main article: Ending Blow

The Ending Blow is the first Hidden Skill that is taught to Link by the Hero's Spirit. As its name implies, the Ending Blow is an attack that will eliminate most Enemies if properly executed.

Shield Attack

Main article: Shield Attack

The Shield Attack is the second Hidden Skill that Link learns. To perform the Shield Attack, Link must push his Hylian Shield out in front of him and use it to bash into Enemies, lowering their defenses.

Back Slice

Main article: Back Slice

The Back Slice is the third Hidden Skill that Link learns. To perform the Back Slice, Link must roll around the enemy and then attack while jumping up.

Helm Splitter

Main article: Helm Splitter

The Helm Splitter is the fourth Hidden Skill that Link learns. To perform the Helm Splitter, Link must use a Shield Attack and then attack by jumping over the enemy and attacking from behind.

Mortal Draw

Main article: Mortal Draw

The Mortal Draw is the fifth Hidden Skill that Link learns. To perform the Mortal Draw, Link must sheathe his Master Sword and wait for the enemy to approach him. Once the enemy is close enough, Link must attack without Z-Targeting. This instantly kills the enemy.

Jump Strike

Main article: Jump Strike

The Jump Strike is the sixth Hidden Skill that Link learns. To perform the Jump Strike, Link must prepare a Jump Slash while charging power in his Master Sword. Once the power is fully charged, Link must release the energy by jumping forwards and slamming his Master Sword into the ground, creating a shockwave that damages all nearby Enemies.

Great Spin

Main article: Great Spin

The Great Spin is the seventh and final Hidden Skill that Link learns. To perform the Great Spin, Link must perform a normal Spin Attack while at full health, which will upgrade the Spin Attack to the Great Spin.


See here for the names of each particular Hidden Skill in Twilight Princess.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 奥義
French Republic FrenchEU Botte Secrète
Federal Republic of Germany German Okkulte Kunst
Italian Republic Italian Tecniche leggendarie Legendary skills
Kingdom of Spain SpanishEU Técnicas secretas



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