Hidden Holes are recurring locations in the Legend of Zelda series. They consist of a small hole leading to an underground cave or room. A shaft of light shines down through the hole; when Link steps into it, he will be transported back to the surface. Hidden Holes can be found in the open or under boulders, and sometimes require bombs, the Megaton Hammer, or ocarina songs in order to be revealed. Hidden Holes are also occasionally found in areas with tall grass; their locations can be approximated by spotting the tell-tale butterflies that flutter around their entrances. Hidden Holes can be found almost everywhere in Hyrule, Termina, and on many islands of the Great Sea. While inside a Hidden Hole, Link's location on the minimap is not shown.

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, if Link is in possession of the Stone of Agony, Hidden Holes will cause the Rumble Pak to vibrate when Link is nearby. In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the controller will again rumble when Link is near certain hidden things, though the Stone of Agony itself is never mentioned in the game.

Hidden Hole Interior (Ocarina of Time)

The interior of a Hidden Hole from Ocarina of Time

Almost all Hidden Holes contain a chest, often with Rupees or some other expendable item inside. Occasionally, these chests hold a Piece of Heart. Many Hidden Holes conform to a common layout that includes things such as a small pool of water where a fish can be caught, clumps of grass in which bugs hide, a Gossip Stone, Deku Babas, beehives, and a Magic Mushroom. Rarely, Hidden Holes will lead to Fairy Fountains or large cave complexes. They also infrequently contain Gold Skulltulas or even cows, which can be heard mooing as Link approaches the Hidden Hole.

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