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Hestu's Maracas
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Hestu's Maracas are recurring Items in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][2]

Location and Uses

Breath of the Wild

Hestu's Maracas are Key Items belonging to Hestu. When Link first speaks to Hestu, he explains that a band of Bokoblins stole his Maracas from him,[3][4] and pleads for Link to help him retrieve them.[5] This initiates the Side Quest, "The Priceless Maracas".

Hestu's Maracas are hidden in a Treasure Chest behind a rock archway along the road south of Kakariko Village. In order to open the Chest, Link must slay the Bokoblins guarding it. Upon Link returning to Hestu with the Maracas, Hestu will recognize them and request that Link return them to him.[6] However, Hestu realizes that the Korok Seeds inside his Maracas are missing, and begrudges the fact that without them he cannot help to expand Link's Inventory.[7] Hestu reasons that the Korok Seeds must have been removed as a prank from his fellow Koroks and begs Link to retrieve his Seeds in return for expanding the Hylian Champion's Inventory.[8]

There are a total of 900 Korok Seeds that Hestu needs to fill his Maracas, though Hestu can only use 441 of them to channel his Inventory-expansion powers through his Maracas. According to their description, Hestu has owned his Maracas since he was two years old.[9]

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Hestu's Maracas appear as Hestu's Tier 1 weapons, and are immediately wielded by him during the events of the Scenario "Freeing Korok Forest", where he both is first made playable and is recruited following the completion of the Scenario. Hestu's fighting style revolves around not only beating monsters and the like with the Maracas, but summoning Koroks to his aid with them.

As the Maracas are the default tier of weapons Hestu can use, they will later be outclassed by the Shaka Maracas, which serve as Hestu's Tier 2 weapons, and Shakalaka Maracas, Hestu's Tier 3 weapons.

Hestu's Maracas also primarily serve as the icons for the Battle Support-type Side Quests pertaining to increasing inventory capacity, though one ("A Most Peculiar Korok") allows the ability to see the amount of hidden Korok Seeds there are in all Story Chapter battles and certain Challenge Scenario battles from within the Battle Info screen.


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