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The Hero of the Four Sword is the given title of a hero who defeated Vaati and who first sealed him into the Four Sword in the backstory to Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures.[name reference needed]


After the events of The Minish Cap, Vaati had been defeated with the newly forged Four Sword and had been presumed dead. However, Vaati once again arose and began terrorizing Hyrule.[1] Unlike the deceptive and patient sorcerer he had been in The Minish Cap, Vaati used brute force to defeat the kingdom's knights and kidnap girls from the villages.[2] In response, the Hero of the Four Sword arose to challenge Vaati's evil.

The origins of the Hero of the Four Sword are mysterious, as is his acquisition of the Four Sword.[3] Appearing when Vaati was already wreaking havoc, the Hero knew how to use the Sword's unique powers.[4] Whatever his origin, the hero sought to defeat Vaati, and succeeded in doing so by trapping the sorcerer in the Sword.[5]

With his work finished, the boy vanished into the forest,[6] and the story of his victory was subsequently spread by the girls he rescued.[7]

Timeline placement

In the Hyrule Historia guidebook, this hero is given the title of the "Hero of the Four Sword" and is not the same hero who appears in The Minish Cap or Four Swords, but is instead another hero who appears in between the two games. He is described as someone about whom little is known, but he appears to be the descendant of the hero who previously defeated Vaati in The Minish Cap. The Hero of the Four Sword is the second hero not identified with Link to wield the Picori Blade (in its original or reforged forms), after the Hero of Men, who appeared during the Minish Legend.


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