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Hero Point

Hero Points are a type of score-keeping in Tri Force Heroes.[1] They were introduced in the version 2.1.0 update.


Hero Points are awarded whenever a player clears a Levels via Local Play or Download Play,[2] or when a player clears a Levels that they did not personally vote for.[3] Hero Points are also awarded if a player selects "I cannot decide!" during the Levels selection screen and clears the Levels chosen. A single Hero Point is awarded for every Levels that the player successfully completes in this way. The number of Hero Points can be tracked by speaking with Mr. Tudor or by inspecting the southeast tree in the town of Hytopia; the number of cicada shells displayed are the number of Hero Points currently earned.

Hero Points have a few uses. Hero Points can be saved up and shown to the Street Merchant to receive free Materials as a reward; the kind of Materials the Street Merchant will give will always be a Material that is required to craft an unfinished Outfit. The Street Merchant will also keep track of Hero Points earned, and tell how many more are needed for the next Material. Through this, it is possible to receive the rare, gold-ranked Materials normally only given out by King Tuft after completing Drablands Challenges or through the Coliseum. The Street Merchant, however, will not give out free Friendly Tokens. Once Link has crafted all Outfits that do not require Friendly Tokens, the Street Merchant will no longer give out free Materials.[4]

Hero Points are also used to upgrade the effects of the Bear Minimum. After acquiring 30 Hero Points, the Outfit grants two extra Hearts, increases the chance at dodging attacks, and produces a visual sparkling effect.[5] A crown is also added to the Outfit's bear insignia. It, however, still causes Link to take double damage.

According to Mr. Tudor, it is also possible to lose Hero Points through bad behavior, which can cause the upgraded Bear Minimum to lose its effect.[6] If a player is blacklisted by another player, their total number of Hero Points is temporarily reduced to zero.[citation needed] However, by completing another multiplayer Levels without such an incident, all of their Hero Points and the Outfit's effects will be restored.[7]


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