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Hero's Charm
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Main appearance(s)
Revealing an enemy's health
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The Hero's Charm is an item in The Wind Waker.[1] It is a mask that reveals an enemy's remaining health.[1]

Location and Uses

In The Wind Waker, Link obtains the Hero's Charm from Mrs. Marie by giving her an additional 20 Joy Pendants after having accepted the Cabana Deed for 20 Joy Pendants.[2] In The Wind Waker HD, the Hero's Charm is in a Treasure Chest at the bottom of the Savage Labyrinth.

The Hero's Charm is equipped and unequipped from the Quest Status. When targeting an enemy with it equipped, their life gauge is displayed as a horizontal red meter above them. The mask also functions during most boss battles, only with a longer life gauge across the bottom of the screen. The Hero's Charm cannot show life gauge for Puppet Ganon and Ganondorf, both of which are defeated by special attacks rather than by gradual depletion of health.

The Hero's Charm consists of two conjoined Sheikah Eyes whose stems curl back to form mandibles. The stems are joined by a set of teeth which cover the wearer's mouth. The teeth are curved upward in a haunting smile.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 勇者のお守り (Yūsha no Omamori) Hero's Charm
French-speaking countries French Amulette du Héros Hero's Amulet
Federal Republic of Germany German Heldentalisman Hero's Talisman
Italian Republic Italian Amuleto dell'Eroe Hero's Amulet
Spanish-speaking countries Spanish Amuleto de héroe Hero's Amulet


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