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The Hero's Shrine is the first dungeon in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. It is located inside the statue of Dazzle Lyphos in the Hometown Prairie.


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Starting his quest to enter Rupeeland, Tingle arrives in Port Town, where he hears rumors of a treasure beneath the statue of Dazzle Lyphos, a legendary hero. Traveling to the statue, Tingle approaches it and is startled to find that it speaks to him. However, it turns out that it is only Chiko, who had discovered how to enter the statue earlier. After Chiko leaves, Tingle enters the Hero's Shrine. Inside, he finds Teddy Todo, the first bodyguard encountered in the game. Tingle enlists the help of Todo, and together the two make their way through the dungeon. After the defeat of the dungeon's boss, Beetle Lord Death Bug, Tingle and Teddy Todo recover the Rupee Shards left behind by the boss, totaling 1,000 Rupees, as well as the Metal Rupee. As they attempt to make their way out of the dungeon, however, Teddy Todo is stuck. Tingle must pay him the sum of 100 to "help" Teddy free himself.

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Hero's Shrine Underground Level 2 with Chests


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