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Lunch Lady[1]
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Henya is a character in Skyward Sword.[3][4]


Fi's Comment:

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Target Lock: Henya

That is Henya. She is spirited and quick to offer opinions. She cares for the students at the Knight Academy, where she has worked for 25 years.

Henya is an old woman who works in the Knight Academy as its cook, and has worked there for 25 years. She is married to Rusta.[5]

If Link speaks to Fledge before the Wing Ceremony, he can help him deliver barrels into the Knight Academy kitchen, and Henya will thank him for doing Fledge's job.[6] If Link breaks any of the pottery near her, she will get angry at him and demand he cleans the mess, eventually threatening him if he continues to break them.[7][8] If the young hero breaks even more objects near her, she will threaten that she will get him expelled from the Knight Academy.[9] However, she never follows through on this threat, no matter how many times Link breaks her Pots.


  • If Link takes a seat at one of the cafeteria tables near her, she will tell him that he missed breakfast and if he wants food, he will have to come back later when lunch is ready.[10]


Henya's name is derived from hen, a female chicken. This is further supported by the fact that her husband, Rusta, is named after the rooster.

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