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The following is a list of formatting templates used within the Wiki, along with short summaries detailing what they're used for.

For more information on templates, see Help:Templates

Game Shortcuts

For a complete list of templates, see Category:Game Links.

Main Series

Template link What it adds
{{TLoZ|Series}} The Legend of Zelda (Series)
{{TLoZ}} The Legend of Zelda (Game)
{{TAoL}} The Adventure of Link
{{ALttP}} A Link to the Past
{{ALttP&FS}} A Link to the Past & Four Swords
{{LA}} Link's Awakening
{{LA|DX}} Link's Awakening DX
{{OoT}} Ocarina of Time
{{MQ}} Master Quest
{{OoT3D}} Ocarina of Time 3D
{{MM}} Majora's Mask
{{MM3D}} Majora's Mask 3D
{{OoA}} Oracle of Ages
{{OoS}} Oracle of Seasons
{{FS}} Four Swords
{{TWW}} The Wind Waker
{{TWWHD}} The Wind Waker HD
{{FSA}} Four Swords Adventures
{{TMC}} The Minish Cap
{{TP}} Twilight Princess
{{TPHD}} Twilight Princess HD
{{PH}} Phantom Hourglass
{{ST}} Spirit Tracks
{{SS}} Skyward Sword
{{ALBW}} A Link Between Worlds
{{TFH}} Tri Force Heroes
{{BotW}} Breath of the Wild

Other Games

Template link What it adds
{{FPTRR}} Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland
{{RTBToL}} Ripened Tingle's Balloon Trip of Love
{{TBFDS}} Tingle's Balloon Fight DS
{{LCT}} Link's Crossbow Training
{{BSTLoZ}} BS The Legend of Zelda
{{AST}} Ancient Stone Tablets
{{HW}} Hyrule Warriors
{{HW|L}} Hyrule Warriors Legends
{{HW|DE}} Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition
{{SSB}} Super Smash Bros.
{{SSBM}} Super Smash Bros. Melee
{{SSBB}} Super Smash Bros. Brawl
{{SCII}} Soulcalibur II
{{TFoE}}} The Faces of Evil
{{TWoG}} The Wand of Gamelon
{{ZA}} Zelda's Adventure

Template Coding

Template link What it does
{{!}} Used to add a pipe ("|") to a template.
{{!-}} Used to add a pipe and a dash ("|-") to a template.
{{-}} Used to add an elongated dash ("—").
{{*}} Used to add an asterisk ("*").
{{space}} Used to place spaces of varying sizes where it might otherwise be impossible.
{{void}} Acts as a blank space for functions in templates.
{{NoWikiTemp}} To be used for template usage instructions to properly format them.


Template link What it does
{{Age}} Used to calculate and display the time between two days in years.
{{AgeDays}} Used to calculate and display the time between two days in days.
{{BasePageLink}} Used to display a link to the basepage where it isn't otherwise possible.
{{Cite}} Used to display an in-game quote as a reference.
{{Cite episode}} Used to display a TV show quote as a reference.
{{Cite manual}} Used to display a game manual quote as a reference.
{{Cite person}} Used to display a developer quote as a reference.
{{Cite web}} Used to display a web page as a reference.
{{clear}} Used to clear all of the space after something before adding the succeeding content.
{{Color}} Applies a specified color to text.
{{figurine}} Used to display a figurine entry for The Wind Waker or The Minish Cap.
{{hello}} Placed on new members' talk pages as a greeting.
{{hide}} Places content in a collapsible field.
{{HT}} Used to display Twilight Princess Hylian text as single letters.
{{HylianTP}} Used to display Twilight Princess Hylian text as full words.
{{Lower Case}} Used to make the first letter of a page's title lowercase. This is typically done for user pages and user talk pages.
{{Main}} Used to give a link to the main article of a subject.
{{quote}} Displays a quote on the page.
{{Ref}} Used to add a reference section to an article.
{{release}} Commonly used to show the release dates of something, but can be used wherever by-country listings are needed.
{{StrategyWiki}} Used to place a link to content on StrategyWiki.
{{User Nav}} Used as a tool for creating a user navigation panel.
{{youtube}} Displays a YouTube video.