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Talk pages are an essential part of any Wiki. They allow editors to communicate with one another, mainly to discuss the improvement of an article or to ask others for help. Zelda Wiki has certain guidelines for talk pages in order to keep them organized and easily readable.

To access a page's corresponding talk page, click the "Discussion" tab in the upper left corner.

Using Talk Pages

Simply type in your text, then end it with --~~~~. This will automatically add a signature for you. DO NOT write over anyone else's comments or delete comments unless they are on your own user talk. After doing this, subsequent messages should add a : to the beginning of the message. This indents it. Further messages should add one more. So,


will generate the following:



This helps to make it clearer where one comment ends and where the next begins.

To start a new thread, click the "add topic" button in the upper right or use the + keyboard shortcut.

Talk Pages

These pages are solely for the discussion of the article / template / etc. They are not for talking about the subject of the article, only the article itself.

  • "I think that this part of the article is wrong." is acceptable discussion.
  • "I think that the Rito are really cool!" is not acceptable discussion, and is more suited for a message board on one of the many Zelda fan sites.

If you see anyone making an off-topic remark, insert the {{Talk Page Notice|Off-Topic}} template into the page.

User Talk Pages

These are to talk to another user. They function much like any other talk page - discussions should be wiki-related. If someone contacts you, it's generally best to keep the conversation on the same talk page, instead of cross-posting between multiple talk pages. This keeps discussions organized and intact. As such, they are easily accessible when archived, should someone need to revisit the conversation for reference.