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At Zelda Wiki, users can use various keyboard shortcuts or Access Keys to access wiki features more quickly.

Using Shortcuts

See also: Wikipedia:Keyboard shortcuts

To use access keys, you must hold down one or two "modifier" keys depending on your browser and operating software.

◰ represents any given shortcut key (see the list below).

  • Mac OS X
    • Control + Option + ◰
    • Control + ◰ (older browsers)
  • Windows and Linux
    • Alt + ◰
    • Alt + Shift + ◰

List of Shortcuts

Shortcut key Description
+ Add a new section on talk pages.
= Protect/unprotect a page (admins only).
. (period) Open your userpage.
, (comma) Move cursor to edit box when in edit mode.
0 Purge the current page's cache.
2 View diff of the most recent change to the current page.
3 Show relevant logs.
b Move cursor to edit summary box when in edit mode.
c Go to content page (e.g. when on talk page).
d Delete/undelete the current page (admins only).
e Edit the current page.
f Move cursor to search bar.
h View the current page's history.
i Tick the "minor edit" checkbox when in edit mode.
j View all the pages linking to the current one.
k View related changes (recent changes to pages linked to the current one).
l Go to your watchlist.
m Move the current page (autoconfirmed users only).
n Go to your talk page.
p Show preview in edit mode.
Open a printable version of the current page.
q Go to Special:SpecialPages
r Highlight all links to redirects.
s Save page when in edit mode.
t Go to current article's talk page.
u Go to upload form.
v Show the changes you've made when in edit mode.
w Add the current page to your watchlist.
y Go to your contributions.
z Go to the Main Page.