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The are several user access levels on Zelda Wiki. User rights changes are decided by the current staff of Zelda Wiki. This page explains what the staff looks for in members to gain these rights.

See also: Special:ListGroupRights

Entry-Level Positions

Registered User

Making an account on the wiki allows users to edit, use talk pages, create a userpage, and email other users (if enabled in the preferences).

Autoconfirmed Users

Main article: Zelda Wiki:Autoconfirmed users

Autoconfirmed users are able to edit semi-protected pages and move pages. A newly registered user automatically achieves autoconfirmed status after a time window of 14 days and after submitting over 100 edits to Zelda Wiki. Edits to userpages do not contribute to the 100 edit total.

Autoconfirmed users can edit partially restricted areas of Zelda Wiki, such as this Help Guide. Many pages are autoconfirmed-protected - only those of Autoconfirmed rank and higher have the privilege to these pages. Autoconfirmed protection helps in preventing unnecessary vandalism, spam, or nonconstructive editing to some of Zelda Wiki's most important pages and articles.

Awarded Positions

These positions are awarded based on continued, beneficial editing, activity, and a positive, helpful attitude on the wiki. The staff decides to award these positions when they believe a user is ready. Alternatively, administrator positions may be offered to the public during hiring periods.

Autopatrol Users

Autopatrol users are reliable editors that rarely make editing mistakes, and are quick to fix the errors that they do make. The edits of an Autopatrol user are automatically marked as patrolled in Recent Changes.


Main article: Zelda Wiki:Staff

Admininistrators are highly trusted members of Zelda Wiki. These wiki-role models are generally active on a daily basis. They have several roles and are given special administrative rights to executive them. These include the rights to patrol, delete pages, ban users, and edit protected pages, among others.

Executives, formerly known as bureaucrats, form Zelda Wiki's upper management and have the same rights as administrators.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not listed here, please do not hesitate to leave a message at the Zelda Wiki:Discussion Center or on a staff member's talk page.

How can I get a promotion?

First of all, please do not make gaining rank your one and only goal at Zelda Wiki. The staff will only promote users who genuinely wish to help improve the site.

Keeping that in mind, users wishing to gain rank should show the staff that they are ready for the additional responsibilities.

  • Users wishing to become Autopatrol should demonstrate a solid grasp of grammar and wiki policy, especially the Quality Standards. Show the staff your mettle by creating wanted pages, expanding stubs, and improving articles. Properly cite your sources as you do so. Proof-read your edits carefully for mistakes using the "show preview" and "show changes" buttons. Users who consistently make beneficial contributions and few mistakes will doubtlessly become Autopatrol.
  • Autopatrol users wishing to become administrators can monitor the Recent Changes and fix other users' errors. If you see a user is not following a certain policy, politely inform them of it on their talk page. Participate in discussions on talk pages and the Discussion Center. Doing these tasks shows the staff three important things: (a) you are interested in becoming staff (b) you would make for an able patroller and (c) you work well with others.

Generally, only autopatrol users will be considered for promotion to admin, except during hiring periods. (These will be announced on the site.)

Why haven't I been promoted yet?

Just because you have yet to be promoted does not mean your contributions aren't valued. Please don't take it as a personal slight!

If you believe you are a good candidate for promotion, you can express your concerns to a staff member on their talk page. You can also talk to one of them privately by email. The staff will inform you if there is something they feel needs to be improved before you can be promoted. The staff may have already considered your promotion and chose to hold off on it for a specific reason.

That said, please do not harass the staff or try to "win them over" with flattery. This does not increase your chances.

Above all, the staff asks that you please have patience. This is not a decision that can be rushed, especially for a staff position. The staff needs ample time to make sure you are ready.

Do higher-ranking users have power over others?

Main article: About Staff Membership

In regular wiki discussions, everyone has equal say. Staff members will only step in and make final decisions when it is needed to make progress or to assure the best interests of the site. The staff is also required to enforce the Code of Conduct and the Quality Standards.

Why don't user page edits count towards autoconfirmation?

Editing one's user page does not usually reflect a helpful contribution to the wiki. One can edit their user page 100 times and still know very little about editing at Zelda Wiki. Excluding user page edits assures that all autoconfirmed users have at least 100 edits of valuable experience.

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