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Not to be confused with the Parry Attack, a similar technique used in The Wind Waker.

The Helm Splitter is an ability in Twilight Princess.[3]


The Helm Splitter is the fourth of the Hidden Skills taught by the Hero's Spirit. Link can learn this Hidden Skill by first finding a Howling Stone to awaken the White Wolf.[4] The Howling Stone needed to learn the Helm Splitter can be found outside of the Sacred Grove. After howling with the White Wolf, the White Wolf instructs Link to find him while in human form.[5] The White Wolf also marks the location of where he can be found on Link's Map. Once Link returns to human form, he can find the White Wolf waiting at the southern edge of Hyrule Castle Town, west of the stairs. Approaching the White Wolf will return Link to the clouded area where the Hero's Spirit can teach Link the Helm Splitter.

This skill proves useful when the enemy is too fast to successfully land a Back Slice on. The move is initiated by a Shield Attack to stun the enemy, then by attacking again, Link will jump in the air above the foe and slice its head in a vertical flipping motion.[6] After performing the Helm Splitter, Link will land behind his opponent, giving him a chance to continue attacking the foe from behind. This skill is most effective against enemies with helmets, such as Darknuts.


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