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Not to be confused with the Hebra Tower Region.

Hebra is a recurring Region in The Legend of Zelda series.[1][name reference needed]

Features and Overview

Breath of the Wild

Hebra is a vast Region covering the northwestern corner of Hyrule. The Region is very mountainous but also has vast expanses of flat terrain. Hebra is made up of three smaller areas: Hebra Mountains, Tabantha Frontier, and Tabantha Tundra. Both areas are roughly similar in size with Hebra Mountains covering most of the northern portion and Tabantha Frontier covering the southern portion of the Region.

The vast majority of northern Hebra is extremely cold, with Temperatures requiring 2 levels of Cold Resistance at all times. The Weather is often snowy and rarely sunny. Link can withstand the cold by consuming Spicy Elixirs or other spicy Food, or by equipping multiple pieces of Armor that grants Cold Resistance such as the Warm Doublet or the Snowquill Set.

Hebra Mountains

Main article: Hebra Mountains

The Hebra Mountains are a very cold and mountainous area in the north of the Hebra Region with lots of peaks and summits to climb. It meets with the Eldin Mountains and the Great Hyrule Forest at its eastern corner. The area also has large snow-covered slopes, making it an ideal Shield Surfing location. Despite the extreme cold, the Hebra Mountains are littered with Hot Springs; none of the remaining lakes have hazardously cold water, and the ones above ground are flanked with powerful updraft vents. A massive lake-filled subterranean chamber in the north is home to the Hebra Great Skeleton. Though the Hebra Mountains are mostly ruggedly mountainous, they are prominently broken in two by the low, flat Tabantha Tundra. The Tundra also connects with a relatively flat northeastern peninsula jutting out into the northern chasm where the North Lomei Labyrinth can be found.

Tabantha Frontier

Main article: Tabantha Frontier

The Tabantha Frontier forms the southern portion of the Hebra Region, and is home to most of its Hylian and Rito inhabitants including Rito Village. It is a geographically isolated region, surrounded by the deep rift-like Tanagar Canyon to the east and south, chasms bordering Hyrule to the west, and the Hebra Mountains to the north. The Tabantha Frontier's landscape is pockmarked by large craters as small as Gisa Crater to as massive as Lake Totori. The southern areas have a relatively mild alpine climate, while the parts adjacent to the Hebra Mountains have a climate just as bitterly cold as the mountains themselves. The Frontier also contains the Hebra Region's only hazardously cold bodies of water, flowing from the chilly Hebra Headspring through the Hebra Falls and upper Hebra Plunge into the warmer lower Hebra Plunge which, like all the lakes of the Hebra Mountains, manages to avoid being dangerously cold despite being mostly surrounded by bitterly cold shores.

Other Appearances

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity


The Hebra Region shares its name with Mount Hebra, the Light World name for Death Mountain in the Japanese version of A Link to the Past.

TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapaneseヘブラ地方 (Hebura Chihō)Hebura Region
Latin AmericaSpanishLAHebra[2]Same as English.
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