"A rare radish that grows best in sunny plains. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your maximum hearts."
Hyrule Compendium

Hearty Radishes are items from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. They are curative items that restore Link's health by refilling two and one half Heart Containers. Their shape is similar to that of a Heart. Link can roast them with fire or volcanic temperatures to create Roasted Radishes. When cooked in a pot, each Hearty Radish adds three yellow Heart Containers.

When growing in the ground, Hearty Radish have a pink flower growing on their stem. Like Hearty Truffles, Hearty Radish can grow into a larger and rarer variety called Big Hearty Radish which has two flowers growing from it instead of one. Both radishes have analeptic compounds that when cooked into a dish increase maximum health though Big Hearty Radish are more rich in these compounds thus their effect is greater. However Hearty Radish while rare are more common than Big Hearty Radish. The General Shoppe in Korok Forest sells a single radish before needing to restock while Beedle sells two at East Akkala Stable before needing to restock. Both sell them for 32 Rupees per radish. Link can sell them for 8 Rupees. Hearty Radishes grow most commonly in the East Necluda and Hyrule Ridge regions. They are a key ingredient in Creamy Heart Soup though Ashai has trouble remembering it and Big Hearty Radish however Link cannot help her as she insists on remembering the two heart-shaped vegetables herself.


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