"You got the Heart Medal! Hearts will appear more often as long as you're carrying this. If you're worried about running out of hearts while you're out adventuring, keep this with you!"
— In-game description

Heart Medals are items from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Stored in Link's Adventure Pouch, these medals cause hearts to appear with greater frequency than usual.

When playing in Hero Mode, carrying a Heart Medal will cause hearts to appear in pots, tufts of grass, and as drops from defeated enemies. Additionally, Heart Flowers will once again bloom in their usual places.


  1. First activate a Goddess Cube in the southwest part of Lanayru Desert. To reach the cube Link has to use the Ampilus shells for hard walking surfaces over the sand so he can reach the cube on the ledge on the southern side of this area. Once the cube is activated Link can acquire the medal by opening a Goddess Chest on a volcano-like island south of Skyloft.
  2. Link will also have to activate another Goddess Cube in Lanayru Desert, this time it is located behind a Weak Wall in the northeast section of the desert. After activating the cube, the activated chest containing the medal will be found on an island just between Beedle's Island and Bamboo Island.

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