"Small fry, there's a real heavy stone head blocking a cave on that island. Don't you wonder what's behind it? Don't you want to get in there? Heh heh! Let me tell you a great secret! If you go north four squares and east three squares to Fire Mountain, you'll find an item that gives you the strenght to easily lift anything, no matter how heavy it is. With that thing, you could lift that stone and toss it out of your way as if it were light as a feather."

Headstone Island is an island on the Great Sea in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Located in Sector G3 on the Sea Chart). It is is located exactly one map square east of Outset Island; it is on this island that the Earth Temple is located. Headstone Island's cavern (which leads to the Earth Temple) is at first blocked by a large stone that is shaped like a human head (hence the name of the island).

The island consists of a small beach surrounded by rock walls to the east and west and a rocky hill (with the entrance to the Earth Temple inside) to the north. The south side is open to the sea. The beach has a few green Rupees buried in its sands, which are also home to a few crabs.

The main island is surrounded by several smaller rocks. Link cannot land on these himself, but by using a Hyoi Pear to control a seagull he can retrieve the rupees and Magic Jars perched on top of them. Atop the main island's peak is a Piece of Heart, which, similarly, can only be reached by seagulls.


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In order for Link to gain access to the island's cave and the Earth Temple within, he needs to obtain two bands called the Power Bracelets, which are inside Fire Mountain.

Once Link gets the Bracelets, he can lift the 'headstone' and toss it away, destroying it. When Link enters the cavern the "head" was concealing, he finds a large stone tablet that has the notes of the "Earth God's Lyric" inscribed into it. Link approaches the stone and uses his Wind Waker to play the song. When he has done so, the spirit of a Zora sage named Laruto appears before him. Laruto explains what had happened to the Master Sword and tells Link a new Earth Sage must be awakened, as she has been killed by Ganondorf's minions. Laruto tells Link to find one who possesses the same harp as hers.

Link then sails to Dragon Roost Island to find Medli and play the song to awaken her as the new Earth Sage. Once Medli has awakened, Link takes her back to Headstone Island and has her play the Earth God's Lyric inside the cave, making the stone tablet crumble away and granting them access to the Earth Temple.

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