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Haunted Grove
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Main appearance(s)
A Link to the Past
Flute Boy
A Link Between Worlds
Gulley (before being abducted)
A Link to the Past
A Link Between Worlds

Haunted Grove is a recurring location in The Legend of Zelda series.

Features and Overview

A Link to the Past

In A Link to the Past, Link can find the Flute Boy playing for wild animals in this area before mysteriously disappearing when approached.

When Link enters the Dark World equivalent of the Haunted Grove, he finds the Flute Boy transformed into a strange creature as a result of the Golden Power's effects.[1] The Flute Boy tells Link that he buried his Flute with some flower seeds in the Light World's Haunted Grove and gives Link the Shovel to search for it. Link can dig near the top left corner of the Haunted Grove to find the flute.

When he brings the flute back to him in the Dark World, the Flute Boy says he can't play it anymore,[2] asks him to give it to his father in Kakariko Village,[3] and asks to hear its melody one more time.[4] When Link plays the Flute, the boy petrifies into a tree and his apparitions cease to exist in the Haunted Grove.

A Link Between Worlds

In A Link Between Worlds, the grove is initially filled with wild animals early in the game. Later, Link and the Blacksmith's Wife find Gulley's bag there while searching for him, implying that this was place where he was caught and turned into a Painting by Yuga. Afterwards, the grove becomes filled with enemy Soldiers who attack Link whenever they see him.


TMC Forest Minish Artwork.png Names in Other Regions TMC Jabber Nut Sprite.png
JapanJapanese動物の広場 (Dōbutsu no Hiroba)[5]
オカリナの森 (Okarina no Mori)[6]
Animal Grove
Ocarina Woods
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