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Harth is a character in Breath of the Wild.[4]


Harth is a young Rito man who serves as Rito Village's Bow craftsman.[5][6][2] He has been friends with Teba since they were children.[7][8] When he was young, Harth dreamed of being a warrior, but he ended up inheriting his family's Bow-crafting business.[2][9] From this business, he learned how to recreate the Great Eagle Bow.[2] Harth is the father of Molli.[3]

Prior to Link's arrival in Rito Village, Harth refused to listen to Kaneli when he told them only a Champion could enter Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[10] He and Teba attempted to face the Divine Beast on their own, which resulted in Harth becoming injured.[11] Harth was forced to retreat because of this.[12] Link can find him in his home, where he is in much pain.[13] Though he initially welcomes Link,[14] he dismisses him when he asks what is wrong with him.[15] Afterwards, he curses Medoh.[16]

If Link speaks to Harth again, he will still welcome him.[17] When asked who he is, Harth introduces himself as the Bow craftsman.[5] Due to his injury, however, he is unable to raise his arm, so his business has halted.[18] Once again, Link can ask him if he is alright, but this time Harth admits that he is not.[19] He regrets not listening to Kaneli's warnings about the Divine Beast.[20]

After Link speaks to Kaneli, Harth decides to tell Link about what happened when he faced Divine Beast Vah Medoh.[21][note 1] Harth reveals that the wound on his wing came from Medoh,[23] which was supposedly once a protector of Rito Village.[24] However, when he and Teba approached the Divine Beast, it unexpectedly shot at them.[25] Though Harth tried to fight back, he was too slow and ended up being hit.[26] Teba managed to catch him before he fell out of the sky, and the pair ended up retreating.[27] Harth is frightened when he thinks of what would have happened had Teba not been there to save him.[28]

Now that Link knows the story, Harth asks if he is going to find Teba and promises to tell him everything he knows.[29][30] Link can then ask Harth about Divine Beast Vah Medoh, Teba, or himself. When Link asks about the Divine Beast, Harth shares the legend that it protected Rito Village before it disappeared 100 years ago, though he does not believe this to be true.[31] His injury occured when he and Teba went to investigate it.[32] As soon as he is able, Harth plans on taking a lot of Bomb Arrows up to it and destroying its Cannons.[33]

When Link asks about Teba, Harth explains that they have known each other for a while and that Teba is the best at flying in Rito Village.[8] While Teba is reckless, temperamental, and rude, he and Harth look out for each other.[34] However, Harth was disturbed by the way Teba was speaking before he left.[35] He is angered that Teba intends to face Divine Beast Vah Medoh alone, especially since he has a wife and a child.[36]

If Link asks Harth who he is, he will explain his trade and his childhood dream.[6][9] He also reveals that he is the father of Molli, and since she is close in age with Tulin, his family spends a lot of time with Teba's.[3] However, he stops his explanation when he realizes nothing he said was helpful to Link.[37]

After Divine Beast Vah Medoh has been calmed, Harth will begin to work on a Swallow Bow. Harth is willing to do Link the service of crafting him a new Great Eagle Bow, should he ever lose or break the one he receives from Kaneli.[38] In this scenario, Harth will need a Swallow Bow, five bundles of Wood, and a Diamond in order to craft a new one.[39] As they are expensive to make, Harth suggests Link try to find the Bow if he has lost it somewhere.[40]

When Link tries to take the Swallow Bow from the table near Harth, he will call him out.[41] If Harth is still injured, he will tell Link to keep it, as he is unable to use it.[42] After freeing Divine Beast Vah Medoh, however, Harth allows Link to keep it as a reward.[43]


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  1. If Link refuses to listen, Harth will call out that he still has more to say.[22]


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