Harth is a character in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Harth is a Rito Blacksmith who lives in Rito Village in the Tabantha Frontier region. He is a close friend of the Rito warrior Teba.

As a blacksmith, Harth is skilled at crafting Bows and presumably other Rito weapons. His skills at bowsmith are so great that he can even reforge the legendary Great Eagle Bow that once belonged to the Rito Champion Revali.


Harth is a blacksmith who works in Rito Village. When Vah Medoh awakens after one hundred years of dormancy following the death of Revali and its corruption by Windblight Ganon during the Great Calamity, Harth and Teba ignore Rito Elder and Chieftain Kaneli's warnings and flew up to investigate Vah Medoh, which attacked them with its cannons. As a result, Harth was injured while Teba escaped injury. While Harth recovers in Rito Village, Teba leaves to go to the Flight Range to train and stock up on weapons before he plans to confront Vah Medoh again. After meeting Link, Kaneli tells him to seek out Teba and assist him. With Teba's help, Link manages to enter Vah Medoh, though Teba himself is injured while distracting Vah Medoh so that Link could take out its cannons. Link ultimately avenges Revali by defeating Windblight Ganon, freeing Revali's spirit which takes control of Vah Medoh, ending the threat it posed to the Rito. Both Harth and Teba recover from their injuries. As thanks, Link is awarded the Great Eagle Bow which Harth can reforge when it breaks.

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