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Harbanno is a character in The Wand of Gamelon.[1] He is a baker from the town of Sakado, Gamelon.


Harbanno is the baker of Sakado. He, along with several other residents,[2] were captured by the Iron Knuckle and imprisoned at Tykogi Tower.[3] Impa's Triforce of Wisdom shows his capture. He is seen either being pulled away, presumably by an enemy to be taken to the Tower, or running away just before being captured. While he is away, his bakery is locked.

Zelda finds Harbanno inside the Tower. He urges her that she save Mayor Cravendish, who has been imprisoned in the top floor. Harbanno then makes his escape, and tells Zelda to visit him in Sakado later, leaving behind a Key that opens the next door. When Zelda visits his shop afterwards, he supplies her with free Bread out of gratitude, which can be thrown to distract attacking Arpagos. Harbanno comments that he seems to know Link, and jokingly states that he could eat ten of his bread loaves.[4]

Harbanno seems to be more concerned about his baked goods than of himself, as shown when he first exclaims "My cakes will burn!" when captured, and again when he worries about his cakes as he is escaping Tykogi Tower.


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