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Handrails are objects in Phantom Hourglass.[1]

Location and Uses

Handrails are Ship Parts that can be obtained and added onto the SS Linebeck.

Handrails can be obtained through various methods:

List of Handrails

Handrail Description
PH Simple Handrail Model.png
Simple Handrail
The handrail that came stock on Linebeck's ship.
PH Arch Handrail Model.png
Arch Handrail
It draws attention for its playful and ornate design.
PH Chain Handrail Model.png
Chain Handrail
A handrail forged with hefty chains so it won't break easily.
PH Pillar Handrail Model.png
Pillar Handrail
Made from pillars of exotic ruins. It was recently discovered.
PH Worn Handrail Model.png
Worn Handrail
In dire need of repair, but its design adds a lot of flavor!
PH Spike Handrail Model.png
Spike Handrail
Made from monstrous horns. Actually not a handrail at all.
PH Wood Handrail Model.png
Wood Handrail
A very basic handrail. Sometimes the basics are best!
PH Utility Handrail Model.png
Utility Handrail
A handrail that works even in violently churning seas.
PH Golden Handrail Model.png
Golden Handrail
Note the elegant curve and design. A true masterpiece!


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