"Your hotline to Knuckle. Buy stuff anywhere!"
— In-game description

The Hand-Me-Down Tingle Tuner is an item from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. It is given to Link by Knuckle after completing Knuckle's challenge on Outset Island. After acquiring it, it replaces the Blue Guide Book as one of the Tingle Tuner's items. Link can use it to call Knuckle and buy All-Purpose Bait, arrows and bombs from anywhere. All-Purpose Bait costs 20 Rupees, 10 Arrows cost 50 Rupees, and 10 Bombs cost 40 Rupees and can only be bought when Link has maximum arrows. It is similar in appearance to a Game Boy or Game Boy Color.


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When Link arrives on Outset Island with the Tingle Tuner turned on, Knuckle appears on the Tingle Tuner and speaks to Tingle for awhile. Knuckle criticizes Tingle for writing "For Tingle only!" on the tower that Knuckle built, and Tingle asks for Knuckle's forgiveness. Knuckle says he will consider it if the "fairy" (referring to Link) will do what he says. First, he instructs Link to get in the outdoor bath, and not to open any doors until Link finishes what Knuckle tells him to do. The outdoor bath is located behind Link's House. Having found the bath, Knuckle tells Link to go down the ladder that no one uses. To the left of the ladder leading up to Aryll's Lookout, there is a small ladder leading down into the ocean, which is apparently unused. After climbing down it, Knuckle tells Link to climb onto the biggest rock at the top of the hill. The rock can be found at the top of the island by the now-broken bridge. After Link climbs onto the rock, Knuckle tests Link's courage by asking him to jump down below the suspension bridge. After Link does this (which may cause him to lose a quarter of a heart from the fall), Knuckle awards him with the Hand-Me-Down Tingle Tuner.

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