"Ohhh... How did it come to this? The children... Please say nothing’s happened... Please forgive your good-for-nothing father..."
— Hanch

Hanch is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. A resident of Ordon Village, he is the henpecked husband of Sera and the father of Beth. He is a small, timid, somewhat accident-prone, but good-natured man who cares for his family.


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Early in the game, Hanch is attempting to knock down a Hylian Hornet's nest from a tree above Fado's House with a rock, in order to obtain the Bee Larvae found within to cheer up his wife. If Link talks to Hanch and stays near him for a period of time, Hanch will throw his rock at the hive. Not only is his throw unsuccessful in dislodging the nest, but it causes the disturbed Hylian Hornets to promptly swarm on him; Hanch quickly flees to the nearest body of water, but not without suffering a few stings to his face in the process.

There are three ways with which Link can knock down the Hornet's nest for Hanch: he can use the Slingshot recently given to him by Sera; summon a hawk with Hawk Grass found growing on a rock nearby, and launch it at the nest; or by climbing the vines on the tree, which causes the nest to fall down when he gets close enough.

Later in the game, after Zant's servants have captured the children of Ordon, Hanch is given the task of guarding the village at night. Whenever Wolf Link gets near Hanch within visible range, Hanch will mistake the youth for a monster and demand they return his daughter. He then immediately summons a hawk and attacks Link by launching it at him. As Hanch stands right in the way of the only accessible way into the house where the Ordon Shield is kept, Link must sneak up behind Hanch and scare him, causing him to fall into the water again.

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