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The Hammer Guardian Statue is an object from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It is one of the four statue types that can be controlled via the Dominion Rod.


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When Link first enters the Temple of Time, he can uses his Senses as Wolf Link to discover that the Hammer Guardian Statue was once in the main room of the dungeon. After exploring the rest of the dungeon he finds the Dominion Rod and the missing statue. Using the Dominion Rod, Link must guide the Hammer Guardian Statue back to its original location. While controlling the Hammer Guardian Statue, Link can make it attack using its hammer. This attack can defeat most enemies in a single strike as well as destroy obstacles that previously blocked Link's path. Special bells are used to move the statue from one room to another as it is unable to pass through Doors.

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Hyrule Warriors & Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors Dominion Rod Hammer Guardian Statue (Model Render)

Render of the Hammer Guardian Statue model from Hyrule Warriors

A Hammer Guardian Statue can be summoned by Princess Zelda as part of her Dominion Rod moveset. Like in Twilight Princess it uses its hammer to attack enemies. It can be summoned as Zelda's controlled statue by using the Rod's Strong Attack. It is one out of two statues summoned as part of the Dominion Rod moveset, the other being Owl Statues.

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