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"Squadala! We're off!"
— Gwonam

Gwonam is a character from the non-canonical Link: The Faces of Evil. He is a prophet who aids Link during his adventure.


At the beginning of the game, Gwonam visits Hyrule Castle via flying carpet. He lands on one of the balconies and warns Link, King Harkinian, and Princess Zelda about Ganon's planned attack on Hyrule. He states that Ganon and his minions have already seized control of the island of Koridai and that according to prophecy, only Link can defeat Ganon.

Gwonam continues to help Link throughout his quest, often transporting him to new locations on his magic carpet.

When Link finally defeats Ganon, Gwonam shows up to congratulate him. He tells Link and Zelda that Ganon is now imprisoned, and he takes the two back to Hyrule.

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