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This article is about the mini-game. For the Shrine Quest, see The Gut Check Challenge.
Gut Check Challenge
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The Gut Check Rock Challenge is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[1]

Location and Rules

The Gut Check Challenge is hosted by Bayge of the Goron Blood Brothers atop the apex of Gut Check Rock. Bayge refuses to let Link approach the Gorae Torr Shrine, on account of it being sacred to the Goron Blood Brothers.[2] However, Bayge agrees to move if Link can clear the mini-game. It costs 20 Rupees to play.[3]

The objective of the Gut Check Challenge is to climb to the apex of Gut Check Rock beginning from the bottom in under three minutes, while collecting at least 100 Rupees along the way.[4] Rupees of varying amounts are found along the rockface of the pinnacle, as well as on the wooden platforms built on its side, requiring that Link climbs to reach them. As Link climbs further up the pinnacle, more valuable Rupees will begin to appear. Link can use the Updrafts around the sides of Gut Check Rock to reduce the need to climb, but only to an extent.

If Link manages to successfully climb to the top under the time limit with enough Rupees, he will pass and be granted access to the Gorae Torr Shrine. Link will also keep all the Rupees that he collected along the way. However, if Link fails to clear the Challenge, or gives up, then any Rupees he collected will be forfeited.[5]

Super Gut Check Challenge

After Link clears the initial Challenge, Bayge will begin to offer a harder version called the Super Gut Check Challenge.[6][7] It costs 100 Rupees to participate.

The Super Gut Check Challenge is mostly the same, but requires that Link collect at least 300 Rupees to pass. To compensate for the increase, more valuable Rupees are provided along the rockface. If Link manages to succeed, he will keep all of the Rupees that he collected along the way.


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