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This article is about the Mini-Game. For the Shrine Quest, see "The Gut Check Challenge".

The Gut Check Rock Challenge is a Mini-Game in Breath of the Wild.[4]

Location and Rules[]

The Gut Check Rock Challenge is hosted by Bayge of the Goron Blood Brothers atop the apex of Gut Check Rock. There, Link will find him sitting in front of Gorae Torr Shrine, though he refuses to allow Link entry due to how sacred it is to them.[5] However, Bayge agrees to move if Link can clear the Mini-Game.[6]

Bayge explains that the objective of the Gut Check Challenge is to climb to the apex of Gut Check Rock beginning from the bottom in under three minutes, all while collecting at least 100 Rupees along the way.[7][8] However, if Link runs out of time or gives up, he will have to return all of the Rupees that he collected.[9] This begins "The Gut Check Challenge" Shrine Quest. He then informs Link that it costs 20 Rupees per attempt.[1]

Rupees of varying amounts are found along the rockface and on the wooden platforms along Gut Check Rock. Green Rupees appear towards the bottom, but Blue Rupees and Red Rupees are found higher up. To reach them, Link must climb the rockface. As Link climbs further up the pinnacle, more valuable Rupees will begin to appear. Link can use the Updrafts around the sides of Gut Check Rock to reduce the need to climb, but doing so will skip large portions of the Challenge.

If Link takes more than three minutes climbing Gut Check Rock, Bayge will stop him when the timer runs out.[10] He does not allow Link to keep the Rupees he has already gathered, since he has not earned them.[11] He informs Link that he will be waiting if he wants to try the Gut Check Rock Challenge again.[12] Similarly, if Link leaves the boundaries of the Mini-Game, Bayge will stop him.[13] He is disappointed that Link is running away from his training.[14] Bayge disqualifies Link's attempt and takes back the Rupees he has collected.[15] Like before, he tells Link that he will be waiting for his next attempt.[16]

Once Link finishes his climb, Bayge will end the Mini-Game.[17] After the game is finished, Bayge will check how many Rupees that Link has collected.[18] If Link collected at least 100 Rupees, Bayge says that he has passed and declares him the fourth Goron Blood Brother.[19][20] He allows Link to pass by him and access Gorae Torr Shrine.[21] Link will also be able too keep all of the Rupees he has obtained. However, if Link collected less than 100 Rupees, Bayge says he did not do good enough.[22] If he wants to try again, Bayge invites him to return.[23]

Once the Shrine Quest has been completed, Link can return to Gut Check Rock to replay the Gut Check Rock Challenge at any time. This time, however, the cost of entry has increased to 50 Rupees.[2] Bayge explains that the previous price was for new recruits, but that offer has expired.[24] The goal is still to collect at least 100 Rupees, and Link has to return any he has collected if he does not succeed.[25]

When Link succeeds in this version of the Mini-Game, Bayge will be impressed by him.[26] He is glad to see that he was right about Link's strength.[27] As a reward for passing the Gut Check Challenge, Bayge gives Link a Rushroom.[28] He encourages Link to try the Challenge as many times as he wants.[29]

Super Gut Check Challenge[]

After Link clears the initial Gut Check Rock Challenge, Bayge informs Link that he is ready for the harder version, known as the Super Gut Check Challenge.[30] When Link next approaches Bayge, he says that the regular Gut Check Rock Challenge would be too easy for him.[31] Instead, he offers the Super Gut Check Challenge.[32] He then asks Link which program he would like to try.[33]

If Link chooses the Super Gut Check Challenge, Bayge informs him that it costs 100 Rupees.[3] This program requires Link to gather at least 300 Rupees.[34] Bayge reminds Link that if he reaches the top of Gut Check Rock without enough Rupees, he will fail.[35]

Similar to the regular Gut Check Rock Challenge, Link will find Green Rupees, Blue Rupees, and Red Rupees as he climbs. However, the Super Gut Check Challenge introduces Purple Rupees and Silver Rupees, which can be found higher up on Gut Check Rock. When Link finishes the course with at least 300 Rupees, Bayge rewards him with an Endura Shroom.[36] Like before, Link is allowed to keep all of the Rupees that he gathered.


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