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Gulley is a character from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. He is the son of the Blacksmith and his wife. He is similar to Flute Boy from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.


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Gulley is first seen waking Link up at the beginning of the game, reminding him to hurry along to the forge before the Blacksmith gets too angry at Link for oversleeping again. Along the way, he also advises Link to give his regards to the Weather Vane, informing him that he can save this way. Shortly afterwards Gulley makes his way to a clearing in the forest.

After the completion of the Eastern Palace, Gulley goes missing. If Link revisits the clearing where Gulley was found previously, he finds a pouch in his stead, which Gulley had intended to give to Link as a gift. After Link finds all three Pendants of Virtue and traverses Hyrule Castle, it is revealed that Yuga kidnapped Gulley because he is one of the Seven Sages and turned the young boy into a Portrait. His painting is then used, alongside those of the other Sages and Princess Zelda's, to revive Ganon. The paintings are then spread throughout Lorule, with Gulley's being taken to the Dark Palace. Link ventures through the dungeon and saves Gulley, restoring him to normal. Gulley thanks him for this, though he claims to be a little confused as to what exactly a sage is, and wishes him good luck on the rest of his quest. After the last sage is freed, Gulley uses his power alongside the rest of the Seven Sages' to grant Link the Triforce of Courage.

Like the other Seven Sages, Gulley lacks a Lorulean counterpart, due to the Lorulean Blacksmith and his wife having no children.

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Due to his appearance and him being the Sage of the Forest, some sites and fans believe he might be a descendant of the Kokiri sage Saria in OOT.

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Other appearances

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Hyrule Warriors series

Hyrule Warriors Legends Young Link Standard Outfit (Lorule - Gulley Recolor)

Promotional Render of Young Link in his Standard Outfit (Lorule) from Hyrule Warriors Legends

As part of the A Link Between Worlds DLC, Gulley's painting Portrait appears in Yuga's Victory Cutscene along with the portraits of the other Seven Sages and Zelda.

Also in Hyrule Warriors Legends, Young Link's Standard Outfit (Lorule) is a Gulley Recolor. It can be obtained on the Lorule Adventure Map.

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