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Over the years, Zelda Wiki has instated multiple policies regarding its content and page structures in an effort of standardizing the wiki as a whole. Almost all of these policies are voted on by the community.

Voting Process[]

Policy changes go through a three weeks process.

First Week[]

At any given meeting (every Saturday, 9PM Eastern Time on the Zelda Wiki Discord Server), a policy change can be suggested. When that happens, the person upbringing this change must make a case for it, ideally with examples, pros, and cons. After the meeting, the first week is dedicated to discussing the idea as a whole.

Second Week[]

After the initial week of discussion has ended, a vote system is put in place at the following meeting. People then have until next meeting to get their votes in.

Third Week[]

Once the voting week is over, the next meeting is dedicated to explaining the poll results and the reached out decision. The parties voting in favor of the change now need to dedicate the following week at providing the needed changes according to the new policy.

The policy change is also added to the Policy Log.

Revoking a Policy[]

Every voted on policy has a six months period where it can not be revoked for the sake of not going back-and-forth with policies. Once a policy has been voted on for more than six months, it can then be voted against in a meeting following the same process described above.