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For the purpose of providing examples, hypothetical games will be known as The Legend of Zelda: Broken Promises or BP for short. When following these actions, be sure to replace the titles and initialisms with their proper equivalents.


  1. Go to Data:Franchise, add the game to the list using Template:Franchise/Store Game. For the logo field, enter the filename that you intend to use for step 3.
  2. Go to Data:Franchise#UploadField, copy the contents to MediaWiki:UploadField-select-Game.
  3. Upload a logo for the game, such as File:BP English Logo.png.
  4. Upload a "tile" for the game to appear on the Main Page: File:BP Tile.png
  5. Move any potential game page to the new name. These may be articles with temporary names based on the console it is set to release on. (The Breath of the Wild article was known as Zelda Wii U prior to the announcement of its official title.) If no page yet exists, create a new one with Template:Infobox Game.
  6. Create and adapt a template for the game's initialism (such as Template:BP for Broken Promises) by using the Game Link boilerplate. Create a documentation page for the template (such as Template:BP/Documentation) by using the Game Link documentation boilerplate.
  7. Add the game to Template:Games.
  8. Create the following categories:
    Page Text
    Category:Characters in Broken Promises This is a list of all characters featured in {{BP}}.
    [[Category:Characters by Game]]
    Category:Bosses in Broken Promises This is a list of all bosses featured in {{BP}}.
    [[Category:Bosses by Game]]
    Category:Sub-Bosses in Broken Promises This is a list of all {{Plural|BP|Sub-Boss}} featured in {{BP}}.
    Category:Enemies in Broken Promises This is a list of all enemies featured in {{BP}}.
    [[Category:Enemies by Game]]
    Category:Places in Broken Promises This is a list of all locations featured in {{BP}}.
    [[Category:Places by Game]]
    Category:Dungeons in Broken Promises This is a list of all dungeons featured in {{BP}}.
    [[Category:Dungeons by Game]][[Category:Places in Broken Promises]]
    Category:Items in Broken Promises This is a list of all items featured in {{BP}}.
    [[Category:Items by Game]]
    Category:Broken Promises Files [[Category:Files by Game]]
    Category:Broken Promises Artwork [[Category:Artwork]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Fan Art [[Category:Fan Art]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Maps [[Category:Maps]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Merchandise [[Category:Merchandise]][[Category:Broken Promises Photographs]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Models
    Note: only for games with 3D content.
    [[Category:Models]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Photographs [[Category:Photographs]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Printed Media [[Category:Printed Media]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Renders [[Category:Renders]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Screenshots [[Category:Screenshots]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Sounds [[Category:Sounds]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Sprites [[Category:Sprites]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Videos [[Category:Videos]][[Category:Broken Promises Files]]
    Category:Broken Promises Articles Lacking Sources {{LackingSourcesCat|BP}}
    Category:Broken Promises Articles Needing Attention {{AttentionCat|BP}}
    Category:Broken Promises Articles Needing Improvement {{ImprovementCat|BP}}
    Category:Broken Promises Image(s) Requested {{ImageRequestCat|BP}}
    Category:Broken Promises Statements Needing Clarification {{ClarifyCat|BP}}
    Category:Broken Promises Statements Needing Verification {{VerifyCat|BP}}
    Category:Incomplete Broken Promises Sections {{IncompleteSectionsCat|BP}}
  9. Create the following listings:
     · Characters in Broken Promises
     · Sub-Bosses in Broken Promises
     · Bosses in Broken Promises
     · Enemies in Broken Promises
     · Dungeons in Broken Promises
     · Places in Broken Promises
     · Items in Broken Promises
  10. Create a gallery page, such as: Gallery:Broken Promises.
  11. Add an entry for the game on Data:Translations.