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To cover content as accurately as possible, it is highly recommended that participants use a separate save file when contributing to articles related to Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch. If you are interested in contributing to the Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch project as part of a team, you are welcome to join us for our Wiki Collab events. If you need any further support, you can also join our #links-awakening channel on the Zelda Wiki Discord.


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Taking Screenshots

For guidelines on how to take screenshots, please refer to the File Guidelines.

Standards for Screenshots

To keep our content as accurate to official media as possible, several standards for various occasions have been set for screenshots based on direct video from trailers and official artwork. General conditions are as follows:

  • Link should have a maximum of 3 Hearts, and they should be full.
  • Link should not be wearing the Red Mail or Blue Mail. He should also only have the basic Sword and Shield for any shots that can be taken prior to obtaining the Mirror Shield. The Koholint Sword should not be used in any shots that aren't pertinent to it.
  • Whenever possible, Link should not have items equipped. You can unequip items in the inventory by pressing the appropriate buttons over an empty inventory space.
  • Link should not have the effects of Pieces of Power or Guardian Acorns.
  • Unless contextually relevant, Link should not have any companions, such as Marin or the Flying Rooster accompanying him.
  • The environment should not be tampered with (such as any items/objects in sight that do not naturally belong there, or any items/objects missing).

If an image does not fit these conditions, you may mark them with the Replace Image template.

Tips for Taking Screenshots


When writing articles for characters, you should begin their biography section with information on a character's species. Then, you should document the character's role in Link's adventure from when Link can first and last meet them. It's usually easiest to carefully document lines of dialogue from them and assemble them in a logical, chronological order. From there, you can assemble a narrative and begin writing while citing passages accordingly. Remember to make use of the Big, Small, and Color templates where appropriate when citing text.

If a character operates a shop that isn't tied to a given location, include a Wares and Prices section that lists what they sell.


Locations that have interiors and exteriors (such as houses, dungeons, etc.) should have both as screenshots. Screenshots of these locations should also be primarily taken as they first appear. If any changes occur to a location, it's acceptable to upload screenshots of these changes as additional images.


Features and Overview

For the Features and Overview section, articles should follow the following format:

  • The first paragraph should contain general details, such as where the location is situated and what features are unique to the area. These include characters and general items (including Trading Quest items).

Other Sections

Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch only requires the Minor Enemies sub-section following the Features and Overview section (when applicable).

Minor Enemies

As Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch is a remake of the original 1993 Link's Awakening, many of its details such as enemies overlap. However, some enemies may be different as well. To address this, content from each should be contained in tabs with the Tabs template. An example of this can be seen on the Toronbo Shores page.

The files for each item on a list should be File:LANS NAME Model.png, even if that particular subject does not yet have an image. You should not substitute it for another image just to ensure it has an image.