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The physical copy of Encyclopedia differs from the digital copy in page number and coloration. Because of this, the physical copy will be used as the basis for this guideline and its standards should be followed when using this guideline.

Relationship to Breath of the Wild

Encyclopedia is situated in an awkward position for the English Canon. In the Japanese canon, it was written and published prior to Breath of the Wild's release, setting all its contents to a canon which is superseded by the canon introduced with Breath of the Wild. However, in the English canon, Encyclopedia was localized and released over a year after Breath of the Wild's release. Consequently, it technically supersedes the lore established by Breath of the Wild where applicable. The primary story of Breath of the Wild is not covered in Encyclopedia, so much of it is unaffected by the book's contents. However, any canon lore established prior to the events of the first Great Calamity in Breath of the Wild and any terms used for page names (such as any mention of Princess Ruto, or the names of any locations) are to be derived from Encyclopedia instead.



All terms in Encyclopedia should be used over names for subjects in prior media, such as all games prior to the release of Encyclopedia in North America. This does not apply in cases affected by remakes of games after June 19, 2018 or any equivalent canon material hence. Names and terms derived from Encyclopedia do not render in-game names as non-canon. In-game names and terms that have been replaced by equivalents from Encyclopedia should be treated as "also known as" and should not be stored with Template:Term/Store. As Encyclopedia supersedes material that exists outside of the games themselves (such as official guides, manuals, etc.), names and terms derived from these sources only are rendered non-canon and should instead be placed inside a Note template to differentiate their status as non-canon.

Because Encyclopedia is split into three main sections (Historical Records, Database, and Archives). Each section covers topics in different ways, though many of the same topics may be shared among these sections. For the sake of simplicity for citing names and terms, please refer to the conditions below:


Names and terms for characters should be derived from the Character Relationships diagrams in the Archives section. Characters who are also bosses should follow the conditions for Bosses below.


Names and terms for enemies should come from the "Enemies & Monsters" chapter of the Database section (pages 162 through 214).


Names and terms for bosses are to be derived from the "Enemies & Monsters" chapter of the Database section (pages 162 through 214). Otherwise, derive these from the Character Relationships diagrams in the Archives section.


Names and terms for locations are to be derived from the Database section (between pages 108 and 114). If a name for a location isn't present in the Database section, default to the diagrams in the chapters titled "The World" from the Archives section. Failing this, names can be derived from the Euler diagrams in the "Character Relationships" chapters from the Archives section.


Names and terms for dungeons should be derived from the "Dungeons" chapter of the Database section (pages 144 through 161).


Names and terms for items should come from the "Items" chapter of the Database section (pages 115 to 143). Further names for items can be found in the Historical Records section. Note that the terms included in parentheses following the names of items do not reflect their name as a whole and should not be included when adding a citation (though it is acceptable to cite this text).


Release dates for games should be cited from the Archives section. English names for Japanese guides should be cited from the Bibliography chapter on page 215.

Coloration and Styling

Encyclopedia features various styling effects, such as coloration, bold and italic text, and enlarged text. When citing from Encyclopedia, these qualities should be recreated as faithfully as possible based on the physical copy of the book. As the digital copy of the book uses different colors, colors especially should be taken from the physical copy.

The following table shows the various colors used by Encyclopedia, including the proper code to implement them via the Color template. As there are many colors and sometimes very little difference between them, you must be very careful when determining which colors are being used in your citations.

Text Colors
E Blue
E CR Blue
E CR Dark Green
E CR Light Green
E CR Red
E CR Yellow
E Green
E Red
E TW Blue
E TW Red