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Guidance from Ages Past
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Quest Giver Zonai Relic
Location Dragonhead Island
Previous QuestNext Quest
"[[Secret of the Ring Ruins|Secret of the Ring Ruins]]""[[Trial of the Master Sword|Trial of the Master Sword]]"

"Guidance from Ages Past" is a Main Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


Behind a mysterious door on Dragonhead Island in the West Necluda Sky Archipelago, Link found a mysterious Zonai relic on a pedestal. When he activated the relic behind a Zonai gate, a door below him opened up and the relic fired a beam of light down to the surface. Link then heard a mysterious female voice, who told him to follow the light.

Link followed the light down the ground while carrying the relic with him and ended up on a giant owl-like statue at Tobio's Hollow. With the relic, it opened up a path underground. He found another pedestal and placed the relic. The pedestal's platform moved and transported Link down into the Depths. Link then heard the woman's voice, urgently told him that she and he "must meet."

Arriving somewhere down in the depths, Link, found a ruin ahead of him. Upon closer inspection, he found a hollowed pedestal that resembles a humanoid construct. He placed the carried relic that appeared to look like the head. The same voice echoes, who then introduces herself as Mineru. Expected to meet Link, Mineru instructs him that she must have a body before they can finally meet. She points out to four nearby storehouses in the area that contain the parts to build Mineru a construct to allow them to take physical form.

Link headed towards these storehouses, each containing a part needed to construct Mineru's body, locked behind a gauntlet of ruins in disrepair. Eventually, Link managed to assemble all the four remaining parts of the construct and Mineru finally takes form in the body of the construct.

Expressed her gratitude, Mineru discloses that she must find the Secret Stone to be complete. She marked the location on the map and then the duo arrived at the location: the Spirit Temple. As they delve under, they are ambushed by a construct possessed by Gloom. Together, Link and Mineru defeat the corrupted construct and were able to claim the Secret Stone.

Link then found himself in an apparitional realm and meets Mineru in person: A Female {{|Zonai}}, the Sage of Spirit. She told she was sent to guide him and help him in any way in his quest. Mineru granted Link her vow and gave her the blessing of the Sage of Spirit.

To help in Link's quest, Mineru first explained the history of Hyrule. The first king, her young Zonai brother Rauru, and the first queen, the Hyrulean Sonia. Together they founded the first Kingdom of Hyrule and forged alliances with various races. However, the Gerudo High Cheiftain, Ganondorf, betrayed the kingdom and stole Sonia's secret stone after he took her life. He used the stone to become the Demon King and unleashed monstrous apparitions to rule the world in darkness. Rauru and the five sages, including Princess Zelda, fought against the Demon King but were overpowered. As a final measure, Rauru used his body to seal the Demon King's heart and put him into centuries-long stasis.

Mineru was grievously wounded from the battle and had a few days to live. Consulted by Zelda, she planned to use herself as a conduct of sacred light to restore the Master Sword's strength into the soon-to-be present time. Despite Mineru's objection, she understood Zelda's decision and vowed to take responsibility for the Demon King's awakening, by helping her swordsman entourage in the distant present-future.

Mineru pointed out that the Master Sword is the only hope of defeating the Demon King. Mineru instructed him to find the sacred tree, to which he knows as the Great Deku Tree, where Zelda intended to meet with him when Link is ready to reclaim the Master Sword from Zelda. Mineru stayed behind at the temple to make preparations, but assured that Link may call on her anytime using her Sage's vow.


Stage Description
1 '
2 The relic's light guided you to a hidden path that led underground.

From there, the relic started emitting the beam again, leading you down the path.
3 When you placed the relic on a pedestal in the underground chamber, a path opened into the Depths. The mysterious voice spoke again, saying "You must hurry... We must meet as soon as possible." When you arrived in a vast space within the Depths, the relic began to emit another beam to guide you toward the ruins.
4 Within the vast ruins was a pedestal with a hollow carved out in the shape of a person. When you placed the relic where the head would go, the voice spoke again. Calling herself Mineru, the Sage of Spirit, she asked you to visit four depots for the parts to build a body that could house her spirit, allowing you to truly meet her.
5 When you placed the parts collected from the four depots in the pedestal, they connected and came to life as a large construct. Mineru's voice then asked you to bring her to the secret stone of spirit using the power of the construct.

From Mineru's voice, you learned the location of the secret stone.
6 Alongside the construct, you headed to the Temple of Spirit, where the secret stone is housed. Another construct, animated by the Demon King's magic, awaited you there.

You must vanquish this construct to claim the secret stone of spirit.
7 You vanquished the construct animated by the Demon King's magic. The remains of that construct, built by Mineru long ago, vanished along with the gloom filling the temple.

The secret stone of spirit sparkles atop the altar.
Complete At last you met the voice's owner, Mineru, the Sage of Spirit. She transferred her spirit from the Purah Pad, where it had resided, into the secret stone. She told you of a battle with the Demon King in the distant past, known as the imprisoning War, and of Princess Zelda's resolve to restore the Master Sword. Mineru's spirit will aid you in the construct she inhabits.


  • This quest can be initiated without completing Secret of the Ring Ruins, but the obscuring dense cloud and thunderstorms will make navigation very difficult.


  • This main quest is the only "Dungeon" in the game where it takes place mostly in the overworld, particularly in The Depths.


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