"You've got a Guardian Acorn! It will reduce the damage you take by half!"
— In-game description
Guardian Acorn

Guardian Acorns are items from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. If Link defeats twelve common enemies without taking damage, the 12th enemy will drop one; however, enemies that drop a Piece of Power do not count toward this total. They are automatically activated as soon as Link touches one, and they last until Link takes damage three times from anything other than falls. Entering or exiting a building, cave, or dungeon, or picking up a Piece of Power, will also end its effect. While a Guardian Acorn is active, Link takes half of the damage that an enemy attack would have normally incurred; if an attack would normally do only half a heart of damage, it appears to do no damage, and a second hit will appear to do its normal damage. The game's music, in most locations, will change to a special theme as long as the Guardian Acorn is in effect, just like with a Piece of Power.

The Blue Clothes from Link's Awakening DX have the same effect as a Guardian Acorn.

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