"If a Guardian manages to land even a single hit on you, your spirit will shatter and you will fail the trial."

Guardians are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. They are incredibly powerful enemies that inhabit the Silent Realms. There are two types of Guardians: walking ones with an enormous club-like weapon and flying ones with two smaller sword-like weapons. The more common flying Guardians will constantly float towards Link through all obstacles, requiring no line of sight to see him. Though fairly slow, they will eventually surround Link through numbers and determination. Walking Guardians remain in place until Link comes within a moderate distance, where they shall proceed to chase Link at a speed slightly slower than Link's sprint but faster than his walk.

When Link enters a Silent Realm, he will need to undergo a trial of a goddess by collecting the Tears of the Goddesses in order to exit the realm with a prize that would aid him in his quest. However, the moment he steps out of the protective barrier, the Guardians will instantly activate and chase after him. Link will have to evade these enemies, as he is instantly defeated if he is hit by one of their attacks, and he is unable to use any of his items in the Silent Realm.

When Link collects a Tear, the Guardians will return to their starting positions and become inactive for ninety seconds, indicated by a heads-up display element shaped like a flower. When the flower's last petal disappears, the Guardians reawaken. For each Tear Link gathers, it fully replenishes the ninety seconds of the Guardians' inactivity, but does not go over that value; if Link gathers all fifteen Tears, then the Guardians will be permanently stopped. Regardless of the remaining (or disabled) time, Guardians can be awakened if Link touches a pool of Waking Water or is spotted by a Watcher.

Since Link is unarmed while in Silent Realms, Guardians are effectively indestructible.

Fi's Note

Fi Artwork If you take a single step outside the protective circle you stand in, the Guardians of this realm will wake up and pursue you, Master. If a Guardian manages to land even a single hit on you, your spirit will shatter and you will fail the trial. You must collect the tears scattered throughout this area and fill the Spirit Vessel without being hit by an attack.


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