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Gruve is a character in Breath of the Wild.[name reference needed]


Gruve is a member of the Zora tribe who was employed by Sidon in his search for a Hylian warrior. However, during his search, Gruve neglected his duties and fell asleep on the spot where the Lanayru Tower was buried. When Link activated the Great Plateau Tower, the Lanayru Tower rose in unison with it, causing Gruve to be carried to the top of the Lanayru Tower, where he has been stuck. If Link speaks to Gruve atop the Lanayru Tower before speaking to Sidon, Gruve will explain his plight to him.[2] Having found a Hylian, Gruve will call down to Sidon on Inogo Bridge, though his calls fall on deaf ears.[3][4] Gruve will weigh the option of jumping down into the waters surrounding the Lanayru Tower, only to decide it would be fatal for him to try.[5] Speaking to Gruve again will lead him to accuse Link of trying to push him off of the Sheikah Tower.[6]

After Link speaks to Sidon for the first time, Gruve will return to Zora's Domain and stand over the waterfall to the northwest of the Goddess Statue, peering down into the water below. If Link speaks to him after previously meeting him atop the Lanayru Tower, Gruve will reintroduce himself and explain that he managed to jump from the Sheikah Tower into the Zora River.[7] If Link hasn't spoken to Gruve prior to speaking to Sidon, Gruve will then explain his situation atop the Lanayru Tower and how he was able to return.[8] In either event, Gruve will explain that he saw his reflection during his jump from the Tower and later developed a philosophy that a person is at their most beautiful when diving into water.[9] Gruve will then invite Link to return to him to show his beautiful diving form after he has learned to ascend waterfalls.[10] If pressed further, Gruve will explain that when equipped with Zora Armor, Hylians are capable of climbing waterfalls much like an actual Zora.[11] Gruve will also explain that his favorite diving spot is Shatterback Point, though the Lynel patrolling Ploymus Mountain makes it a dangerous trip.[12]

Upon receiving the Zora Armor from King Dorephan, Gruve asks Link to dive down the waterfall, tasking him with the "Diving is Beauty!" Side Quest.[13] If Link jumps from the waterfall, Gruve will exclaim in excitement before asking Link to return by means of the waterfall.[14] If Link returns without climbing the waterfall, Gruve will reassert his desire to see him ascend via the waterfall.[15] After successfully fulfilling Gruve's request, Gruve will give Link five Fleet-Lotus Seeds as a reward.[16][17] If Link's inventory space for Fleet-Lotus Seeds is full, Gruve will tell him to return when he has space for them.[18] Bidding goodbye, Gruve will inform Link that he hopes to see his next dive.[19]


Gruve's name is a corruption of groove.

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