Gruve is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He is a Zora who can first be found on the Lanayru Tower in the Lanayru Wetlands region of Hyrule. He is one of the Zora recruited by Prince Sidon to assist him in the search for a Hylian to help the Zora deal with the Divine Beast Vah Ruta which threatens to flood the East Reservoir Lake with torrential rain. Gruve climbed up the Lanayru Tower that had risen up from where it was buried near Boné Pond after Link activated the Guidance Stone of Great Plateau Tower with the Sheikah Slate. From there Gruve called out to any Hylians he spotted in an attempt to get their attention so he could direct them to Prince Sidon hoping one of them would be willing to help. Eryck heard him but left the area without investigating who was atop the tower which he mentions to Link when he asks Eryck about the Sheikah Tower north of Rutala River when he encounters Eryck at his camp in Lanayru Road - East Gate. If Link travels to the tower to access its map of the Lanayru province, Gruve will inform Link to meet the Prince at Inogo Bridge. Once Link talks to Prince Sidon or reaches Zora's Domain (as he can avoid talking to Sidon on the bridge all together) Gruve will leave the tower.

Side Quest

Main article: Diving is Beauty!

He will return to Zora's Domain after Link has met with Sidon and King Dorephan in Zora's Domain throne room and begun "Divine Beast Vah Ruta". If Link speaks to him, Gruve will give him the "Diving is Beauty!" Side Quest in which Gruve will ask Link to dive off of Zora's Domain and into the water below. After completing the dive Link can use his recently acquired Zora Armor's ability to swim up waterfalls to return to Gruve who will reward Link with five Fleet-Lotus Seeds.

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