"Duh huh huh! Try not to drool on your shirt as you stare at this amazing superweapon I've been working on! I call it...the Groosenator!"

The Groosenator is an object from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Invented by Groose, it is a massive catapult built on a system of rails located in the Sealed Grounds. A stash of enormous bombs can be found near the entrance of the Sealed Temple, providing Groose's machine with ample ammunition.


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Groose builds the Groosenator sometime after Link's first battle with The Imprisoned, and he uses it to aid the hero when the monster breaks free once again. The Groosenator's ammunition does not actually harm The Imprisoned, but it proves strong enough to stun the monster, preventing it from climbing up the sides of the pit or giving Link a chance to attack.

The Groosenator returns for the third battle against The Imprisoned, once again providing openings for attack by stunning the mighty beast. After Link damages it once, The Imprisoned begins to fly into the air, but a well-aimed bomb from the Groosenator knocks it out of the sky, allowing Link to hit the sealing spike once more. However, The Imprisoned's fall causes parts of the Sealed Temple to fall around Groose's bomb stash, leaving the Groosenator without ammunition. With The Imprisoned rapidly recovering and taking flight, Groose is forced to catapult Link himself onto the beast's head, where he lands the final blow.

During the quest for the "Song of the Hero", Link finds that the Faron Woods have been flooded and the gates are locked. Groose uses the Groosenator to catapult Link within the gates so he can continue in his quest. Later on in the game, Groose gives Link an option to use the Groosenator to launch him to an area containing a mini-game, either on The Surface or in The Sky.

Following Link's obtainment of the Triforce from the Sky Keep, the Statue of the Goddess is returned to its proper place in the Sealed Grounds; the Groosenator is not seen again after this, and it is arguable that it has been destroyed or moved.

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Non-canonical Appearances

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Hyrule Warriors/Legends

Hyrule Warriors Legends Tutorials The Groosenator (Tutorial Picture)

The Groosenator tutorial picture from Hyrule Warriors Legends

Groosenators appear in the Sealed Grounds during the Sealed Ambition Chapter and unlike being on rails in Skyward Sword they are in some of the keeps. They are used to knock The Imprisoned out of the air to reveal his Weak Point gauge.

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