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Pelison (younger brother)[2]

Greyson is a character in Breath of the Wild.[citation needed]


Greyson is a Goron miner who works at the Southern Mine in Eldin Canyon. During the day, Greyson mines alongside Dorill and Jengo while his younger brother, Pelison, plays with Axyl. Greyson rests for the night in front of the Mine's Cooking Pot while Bohrin resumes his night shift. Greyson however expresses that he is tired of digging and wishes he could find a job where he could use his strength to make a difference in people's lives.[3]

When Link meets with Hudson at Tarrey Town during the "From the Ground Up" Side Quest, he is eventually asked to find a Goron who would be able to remove the boulders to clear the land for further development.[4] However, due to Bolson Construction's stark naming policy, the Goron's name must end in "son."[5] Link approaches Greyson during his break and offers him the job, who then decides to investigate Tarrey Town and brings Pelison with him.[6] There Link finds that Greyson has accepted the job and is much happier now.[7][8] As the boulders he breaks contain Gems, his brother Pelison had also opened Ore and More to sell the Gems they find.[2][9] Greyson will continue to break the boulders in Tarrey Town as Link proceeds with the Side Quest. A house will replace a boulder every time Link refers another person to the Town.

Greyson is also one of the guests present at Hudson's and Rhondson's wedding. He agrees with the vow that Rhondson should name her children in accordance to the Bolson Construction naming policy.[10] Greyson later comments that he did not know there was a wedding planned, and voices his disappointment that he was never told despite having known Hudson for a long time, but is not bitter about it.[11] After the wedding, Greyson will no longer have any work to do and decides to relax.[12] He can be found in front of the Town's Statue of the Goddess thereafter, and sitting beside Ore and More at night.


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