"An old man plagued by an evil spirit. Coming to his aid will bring you benefit in the end, so if you meet him, you must find a way to help him."

Gregal is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. He is a member of the Wind Tribe. Early in the game, if Link transports to the Tower in the Cloud Tops with the help of a portal in South Hyrule Field, he finds Gregal lying tormented in his bed, haunted by a Rupee Wraith. Link can "exorcise" the ghost using the Gust Jar.

When Link returns to the area later in the game, one of two things will happen. If Link helped Gregal, he will thank Link for his aid and present him with Light Arrows. If Link did not help Gregal, he will be entirely absent, and Link will be informed that Gregal died, obviously from the Rupee Wraith's curse.


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It is possible that Gregal is married to Siroc, as they are the two oldest members of the Wind Tribe, and the others all seem to be related.

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As many members of the Wind Tribe seem to be named after weather related elements, it is possible that Gregal is named after the Gregale.

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