"Use your sword when its green fire vanishes!"

Green Bubbles are enemies from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. They are green variants of the Blue and Red Bubbles commonly encountered in the game. The most notable difference between Green Bubbles and their variants, colors aside, is that where other Bubbles simply fly or jump around aimlessly, the Green Bubbles' movement is restricted to a preset path, which usually has them patrolling narrow hallways.

Green Bubbles extinguish and rekindle their green fire at set intervals, but can be forced into putting them out by nudging them with Link's shield. While wreathed in flames, they are immune to most common weaponry, notably Link's sword. Other weapons, such as the Fairy Bow and Megaton Hammer, can still defeat them, while the Boomerang and the Hookshot only stun them briefly.

Green Bubbles are encountered in the Forest Temple, Bottom of the Well, the Spirit Temple, and Inside Ganon's Castle. An especially large Green Bubble can be found patrolling the Bottom of the Well, but it is absent in Master Quest.

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Navi Artwork Use your sword when its green fire vanishes!

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