The Great Statue is an object from The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Located in the central chamber of the Ancient Cistern, it is a grand mechanical statue depicting a smiling Hylian.

The statue's head sits upon a central column resting within the body. Within this column, Link encounters a Stalmaster guarding the Whip. As Link navigates the dungeon, this column can be moved up or down, giving him access to the underground levels, and later, to the boss room where Koloktos resides. The underside of this column also protects the chest containing the boss key, the Blessed Idol. After getting the key, the statue will descend onto Link and the Cursed Bokoblins which rise up around him, and if he fails to escape from the pit in time, he will be crushed and an instant Game Over will occur.

On the ground floor, the statue also has two large hands holding Silver Rupees in the moat surrounding it. These hands will grab and squeeze Link if he swims too close. If Link is able to grab one of the Silver Rupees with a well-timed spin maneuver, the hand that was holding it is deactivated.

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