"If the six crystals are placed in the stone statues, you finally enter the Great Palace. The Great Palace is so huge that it greatly extends what Link had imagined. Link's true heart will be tested when he defeats the last of the guardians."
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link manual

The Great Palace is the final dungeon in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. The scene of the final confrontation, it is here that the Triforce of Courage has been kept hidden for generations, awaiting the arrival of a hero worthy of its power.


The Great Palace is remote, the path leading to it consisting of lava flows and caves filled with invisible enemies. It is also sealed against entry with a Binding Force created by the King of Hyrule. The Binding Force is lowered only when Link has placed a crystal in the statues concealed in each of the other palaces, Parapa Palace, Midoro Palace, Island Palace, Maze Island Palace, Ocean Palace, and Hidden Palace. Without the cross found in the Hidden Palace, which allows him to see the invisible enemies, Link will find reaching the Great Palace alive extremely difficult.


The Great Palace is unique as far as dungeons are concerned. The music is entirely different than all of the other palaces, and the temple has a distinct reddish tone. Unlike the other temples that have Iron Knuckles and their statues, this place features Fokka and Fokka statues. The temple has a distinct bird theme that can be distinguished by the Fokka and Fokkeru enemies. Whether the first boss, Thunderbird, is the reason for this or just another sign of the bird theme is unknown.

The Great Palace is considered by some to be the hardest dungeon in the game and possibly the hardest in the Legend of Zelda series. Link will have a very hard time without having all his stats maxed. The palace is a massive labyrinth full of enemies that are stronger than most bosses. It is the only palace other than the Hidden Palace to contain a 1-up Doll and the only one other than Parapa Palace to contain a fairy. If Link receives a Game Over in the Great Palace he has the option start again from its entrance rather than North Castle.



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