The Great Calamity is an event from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This event serves as the main historical context of the game. It corresponds to the disaster caused by Calamity Ganon throughout Hyrule that occurred one hundred years ago before Link's awakening from his deep slumber inside the Shrine of Resurrection. After he awakens and leaves the Shrine, Link discovers much of Hyrule ruined and devastated by Ganon's forces. However, thanks to Princess Zelda sealing herself and Calamity Ganon away in Hyrule Castle the rest Hyrule managed to survive and rebuild in the one hundred years Link slept, though he learns that Zelda seal is currently only able to contain Ganon partiality and must defeat Ganon before he completely reincarnates himself and completely breaks his seal or the rest of Hyrule will suffer the same fate that befell the kingdom a century prior.

The prophecy

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Calamity Ganon first emerged in the distant past. Ten thousand years before the events of Breath of the Wild, Ganon transformed into a monstrous creature of pure Malice known as Calamity Ganon. He ravaged Hyrule before being sealed away by the chosen Hero wielding the blade that seals darkness, and by the princess with divine powers inherited from the Goddess. Assisting the hero and the princess were the Guardians and four massive mechanical animal constructs called the Divine Beasts. The Ancient Sheikah tribe developed these machines with their unique technology, to help the Royal Family of Hyrule.

According to the Sheikah Cado, his tribe had long been heralded as people of great wisdom since their ancient technology became the key in sealing Calamity Ganon ten thousands years ago. Their technology was at first praised as the power of the gods. However, the people of Hyrule began to fear it as a threat to the kingdom. As a result, the Sheikah became outcasts and were forced into exile. Although most Sheikah chose to cast off their technology and live simple lives, others fostered hatred towards the kingdom of Hyrule, leading them to swear allegiance to Ganon. This resulted in the creation of the Yiga Clan, who dedicate themselves to eliminating all who stand against Ganon.

The preparation

Ten thousand years later, and one century before Link's awakening inside the Shrine of Resurrection on the Great Plateau, it was foretold by the fortune teller that the return of Calamity Ganon was inevitable. This prophecy drove King Rhoam of Hyrule to create an archaeology team to search for the fabled Ancient Sheikah's technologically-advanced relics. King Rhoam decided to act in accordance to their ancestors' plan and excavated the relics, including the Guardians and the four Divine Beasts. The Sheikah still loyal to the Royal Family including Impa, Purah, and Robbie assisted them in studying this ancient technology. They recovered the mechanical army, and were successfully able to reactivate and use them. Zelda assisted them in their research due to her interest in science as she had trouble awaking her powers. Many believed them to be simply a legend but their discovery made this legend a reality for them.

Realizing this, the King selected the hero chosen by the Master Sword, a young recruit of the royal army named Link, as the personal knight of his daughter, Princess Zelda. The King had selected Link after the boy had defeated an out of control Guardian that had gone rogue during at test at Hyrule Castle. King Rhoam then formed a group of exceptionally skilled warriors referred to as Champions lead by his daughter Princess Zelda as her ancient legendary predecessor had lead the Seven Sages in the distant past. He requested each race of Hyrule choose a Champion, and four elite warriors were selected from across the kingdom, Mipha the Zora Champion, Daruk the Goron Champion, Revali the Rito Champion and Urbosa the Gerudo Champion. They were tasked with the duty of piloting the Divine Beasts to assist the Hylian Champion, the knight Link, and to use them against the demon as their predecessors had done the last time Calamity Ganon threatened Hyrule. Both Urbosa and Princess Zelda knew of Ganon's origin as the Gerudo King of Thieves Ganondorf whom had become the King of Evil Ganon in the distant past and had since plagued Hyrule throughout its history before becoming Calamity Ganon. Vah Naboris, Vah Rudania, and Vah Ruta had been named after the legendary sages Nabooru, Darunia, and Princess Ruto whom had confronted the King of Evil alongside the legendary Hero of Time.

The final key to defeating Calamity Ganon was the divine sealing powers of the royal family's bloodline, and the recent death of Hyrule's Queen saw this immense duty fall to her only surviving daughter who lost not only a mother but a mentor. As she was now sole bearer of this birthright which she inherited from her grandmother, the King ordered Zelda to focus on awakening her divine sealing powers to the exclusion of all else.

Urbosa the Cheftain of the Gerudo at the time was determined to fight against Ganon who's Gerudo lineage she despised considering it a stain on her people's honor to be connected to a demon whom had brought such misery and destruction to Hyrule. Additionally Zelda's mother had been a dear friend of Urbosa whom befriended the young Princess and cared for her well being and even consoling her after she broke down from all the stress she was under while training to awaken her powers. Princess Mipha and her father King Dorephan also knew that Ganon was a threat to all of Hyrule who's evil the Zora had fallen victim to in the past. Following Princess Ruto's example, Mipha agreed to pilot Vah Ruta with her father's blessing as the Zora had long been allies of the Royal Family of Hyrule and Mipha like Ruto was with the Hero of Time, was in love with Link whom she had known since he was four years old. Mipha, however, resented the time Zelda spent alone with Link though did not let her jealousy effect her role as Champion, though she ultimately planned to reveal her true feelings to Link whom she had crafted Zora Armor for in accordance to Zora tradition of Princesses crafting armor for their future husbands. Like Darunia had been with the Hero of Time, Daruk had become sworn brothers with Link whom impressed Daruk with his Goron-like strength. Daruk did his best to advise Link on his role as Zelda's protector and tried to encourage a sense of comradeship among his fellow Champions, albeit with mixed results. Revali however considered Link a rival as the proud Rito warrior disliked playing the role of sidekick though he supported Princess Zelda who's dedication to her training he respected though she also shared Revali's resentment of Link due to the ease at which he seemed to fulfil his role as chosen hero.

While the other Champions learned to pilot their race's respective Divine Beast with help from Purah and Robbie, Zelda was sent on a pilgrimage under Link's protection, praying to statues of the goddess Hylia at the three Springs of Power and Courage for the power to defeat Calamity Ganon. However, she had to wait until she turned seventeen to train at the Spring of Wisdom at Mount Lanayru as only those who acquired the wisdom that comes with maturity may train there. Feeling jealousy towards Link for being successful as a knight, in sharp contrast to her success as the princess of Hyrule, Zelda acted unfriendly towards him. However in true Link silently shouldered the burden of his destiny and dutifully protected Zelda despite her poor treatment of him and even ignored her orders not to follow her. Urbosa did her best to help Link when Zelda took advantage of Gerudo Town law to allude his protection and hoped the two would work out their problems.

However Zelda's relationship with Link changed when he foiled an assassination attempt by three Yiga Footsoldiers near Kara Kara Bazaar. Afterwards Zelda apologized to Link for her behavior and Link began to open up to her about the burden he shouldered causing her to realize that he struggled with his destiny despite his talent. Feeling grateful towards Link and realizing the errors of her way, Zelda decided to apologize and talk to him. In response, Link slowly opened up to her, allowing him and Zelda to befriend one another. Eventually, Link told Zelda why he maintained a quiet demeanor, which was because of the pressure he felt as the chosen hero. Empathizing with Link, Zelda reprimanded herself for being absorbed in her own problems, to the point of not realizing how others have their own hardships as well. No longer consumed by fear or doubt, Zelda wholeheartedly hoped to know more about Link and eventually tell him about her own troubled feelings.

Both Link and Urbosa witnessed her struggle and frustration with trying to unlock her sealing powers. Fearing her sealing powers would never awaken, Zelda attempted to contribute through her research discovering the Sheikah Slate and Shrine of Resurrection alongside the Sheikah research team. However her attempts to access the other Shrines failed as they lacked power and were designed to only be accessed by the Hero chosen by the Master Sword. Zelda's initial resentment of Link caused her to try and access the Shrines without him and by the time they had bonded attacks by monsters, Yiga Clan, and unexplained disasters all pointed to signs that Ganon's return was close at hand. Feeling her research was nothing more than a distraction and an excuse, Rhoam forbid Zelda from further research to force her to fulfil her duty failing to see how hard Zelda had been struggling and was trying to contribute to Hyrule's defense without her sealing powers. This however only served to strain their relationship further and put Zelda under even more pressure. However as her seventeenth birthday drew closer she placed all her hopes that her powers would awaken at Mount Lanayru. To show their support all the Champions accompanied her on her pilgrimage to Mount Lanayru and waited for her at Lanayru Road - East Gate as she completed her training.

The Great Calamity

Despite this new-found sense of hope, Zelda's powers did not awaken, and all preparation proved to be in vain. Zelda returned to her fellow champions dejected though Urbosa consoled her reminding her that Mount Lanayru was not her last shot and anything could spark her power to awaken. Mipha inspired by Urbosa's words tried to tell Zelda about what helped her focus when using Mipha's Grace to heal. However before Mipha could finish Calamity Ganon returned to Hyrule and immediately began wreaking havoc on Hyrule Castle. Daruk rallied his fellow Champions to rush to their Divine Beasts telling Link they would have his back allowing him to focus on Ganon. Urbosa suggested they take Zelda to safety but she refused to stand by and decided to accompany them believing she might still be able to contribute even without her powers. As a result, the Champions made final preparations and stood together united against Calamity Ganon.

Unfortunatelyh, having learned from his previous defeat, Calamity Ganon created four phantom embodiment of himself representing the elements of fire, water, thunder, and wind, each tasked with corrupting and taking control the Divine Beasts, and killing four of the Champions and imprisoning their spirits in the process becoming the four Scourges of the Divine Beasts.

Succeeding in taking control of the Divine Beasts, Calamity Ganon proceeded to take control of the Guardians with his Malice to use against the people of Hyrule. He then destroyed Hyrule Castle Town and devastated much of Hyrule, slaughtering countless innocents. Among the chaos, King Rhoam was killed and the remaining soldiers and Knights of Hyrule who survived the attack on the castle were helpless against the Guardian onslaught and were forced to retreat to the Akkala Citadel in Akkala.

Akkala was where the knights and soldiers of the realm were trained, so the region already had a high military presence. Following the fall of Hyrule Castle, the vast majority of the standing Hyrulean Army could be found in the various strongholds scattered about the region, regrouping and preparing to repel the oncoming Guardian attack. A terrible battle took place, ravaging the region. The knights and soldiers fought valiantly, leaving a graveyard of Guardians in the Akkala wetlands, but were steadily pushed further back. The final remnants of the Hyrulean Army took their final stand in Akkala Citadel, the kingdom's largest stronghold, which was all but destroyed in the historic battle, leaving the once great structure in ruins. Some say the fall of Akkala was the moment the people of Hyrule realised their utter defeat at the hands of Calamity Ganon, for without a standing army to defend them, nothing could stop the advancing horde.

Zora's Domain was attacked at this time, though the bottleneck that is Zora River allowed the Zora Knights to hold off the assault very effectively and their army survived to continue defending Zora's Domain. However the Zora people greatly mourned Mipha's death and many Zora Knights and adults blamed Link and the Hylians for the Great Calamity. However King Dorephan though regretting having allowed his daughter to fight understood she would not forgive him for holding Link responsible and realized they had all underestimated Ganon's cunning and power. Though he was very young at the time, Mipha's younger brother Prince Sidon would come to share his father's views in the years to come with the Zora out living most of their non-Zora allies due to Zora having longer lifespans and aging at a different rate.

Link and Zelda, meanwhile, had been unable to help in Central Hyrule, and retreated south to Fort Hateno. As they fled, Zelda broke down in a small forest on Hyrule Field mourning the loss of her father, comrades, and kingdom as well as lamenting how unprepared they were to face Ganon whom had turned the Guardians and Divine Beasts against them while she was powerless to stop him crying in Link's arms as he silently consoled her. Eventually they reach Fort Hateno where they made their desperate last stand against an army of Guardians. Though Link wielded the True Master Sword which reacted to Ganon's corruption within the Guardians with skill and personally destroyed countless Guardians himself, they were simply too numerous and he was eventually overcome with Zelda pleading for Link to flee to safety without her.

Zelda placing the Master Sword in its pedestal within Korok Forest

As he stood there severely wounded and unable to fight any longer, Link prepared to take one final blast from an attacking guardian when Zelda ran to shield him from the fatal blow. It was here, faced with the impending death of a loved one, that Zelda's powers were truly awakened, allowing her to shut down the Guardians with a blinding ray of light by purging them of Ganon's influence. The Guardians had been stopped from destroying Link, but despite being saved by Zelda he still succumbed to his injuries and collapsed to the ground, seemingly dying in Zelda's arms.

Heartbroken, Zelda wept in despair. As if responding to her cries, the Master Sword activated on its own and spoke to Zelda. It revealed to her that Link was not yet dead and could still be saved reminding Zelda of the Shrine of Resurrection an ancient Sheikah medical facility her research team had discovered.

Wasting no time, Zelda ordered her Sheikah allies, Impa, Purah, and Robbie, to deliver Link to the Shrine of Resurrection upon the Great Plateau, and to place him in the experimental Slumber of Restoration. Here, she prayed, Link would overcome his injuries and return once again to save Hyrule however she knew the process may rob Link of his memory so she left behind the Sheikah Slate containing pictures of places in Hyrule that she and Link had visited to jog his memory.

Zelda then returned the battle-damaged Master Sword to its pedestal in front of the Great Deku Tree, making to the blade the promise that Link would one day return for it. In a final sacrifice, Zelda marched alone on Hyrule Castle and used her newly awoken powers to seal both Ganon and herself inside.


After the fall of Hyrule during the Great Calamity and the sealing of Calamity Ganon by Princess Zelda, the surviving people of Hyrule attempted to recover and began to rebuild their settlements.

Princess Mipha's memorial statue in Zora's Domain a century after her death

The Zora mourned Mipha's death and in an attempt to give her soul repose tried to send her Lightscale Trident down Zora River in a public memorial ceremony as she had died within Vah Ruta which had become dormant along with the other Divine Beasts. However the Trident glowed and Mipha's voice rang out for all Zora to hear. Mipha told her people not to morn her death and to know happiness. She also requested they tresure her Trident as an extension of Mipha herself and to remember her and her fellow Champions sacrifice. As a result the Zora came to venerate the Lightscale Trident which its creator Dento created a replica of called the Ceremonial Trident for ceremonial purposes during the Champion Festival celebrated on the anniversary of the Calamity and Mipha's death.

However the Guardians remained and continued to rampage across Hyrule in search of any who would oppose Ganon supported by the Yiga Clan and bands of monsters which continued to plague Hyrule and any slained previously where revived by Ganon at midnight on every Blood Moon when his dark powers were at their peak. Additionally undead monsters and Stalhorses brought back to life by Ganon's power roamed Hyrule at night. Only the Guardian Scouts intended to test the Hero in combat within the Shrines remained uncorrupted protected by the Sheikah Monks devotion to Hylia.

The Sheikah Impa, Purah, and Robbie meanwhile split up in the hopes one or all would survive to assist Link when he awoke. Impa remained behind in Kakariko Village to lead the remaining Sheikah while Purah continued her research in the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab that had been commissoned and built before the Great Calamity. Purah assisted in the rebuilding of Hateno Village which survived the Calamity thanks to Link's defense of Fort Hateno which caused him to become a hero to the people of Necluda though few besides the Sheikah knew of Zelda's contribution to the Fort's defense believing the Hero had lead an army of soldiers and knights in its defense when in reality it was Link alone who defeated most of the Guardians with Zelda finishing off the rest with her newly awakened sealing powers. Most people assumed the hero died along with the other Champions while Zelda sacrificed herself to seal away Ganon, though the Sheikah and Yiga Clan knew of Link's survival while others heard rumors and stories that spoke of his survival. After Hateno Village had recovered Purah at the age of thirty managed to begin her research on developing an upgrade to the Sheikah Sensor which took her fifty years to complete and through her research discovered the existence of other Runes she and Zelda had been unaware of developing upgrades for them as well, before beginning research on developing a rune to reverse aging so the elderly Sheikah could fight alongside Link when he awoke. Robbie meanwhile turned the old lighthouse in Deep Akkala into the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab where he began researching weaponry and armor to combat Guardians as he realized freeing them from Ganon was next to impossible. Impa would eventually have a granddaughter named Paya who grew it a young woman who cared for her elderly grandmother and joined her in their family's sacred duty of guarding the Sheikah Heirloom which had been foretold would one day lead its chosen hero to be gifted with a blessing, and has been guarded by their family for generations upon generations. Purah would train several assistants including Nanna and Jerrin. Nanna would eventually return to Kakariko Village and become a grandmother as well, while Jerrin became Robbie's assistant whom she fell in love with despite being half-century younger than him. Jerrin and Robbie eventually had a son named Granté who grow up eventually left home to travel to research armor. Impa would send Symin to replace Jerrin and assist the elderly Purah whom continued her anti aging research the initial results of which proved successful.

On the 100th anniversary of King Dorephan's reign, one Guardian eventually crossed over Upland Zorana approaching dangerously close to Zora's Domain despite the Zora Knights best efforts, but King Dorephan met the Guardian in single combat. After a gruelling battle, the King Zora picked up the Guardian and threw it from the Great Zora Bridge, causing it to crash down on the rocks below. King Dorephan was wounded in the battle but survived, and was revered by his people as a hero. He still bears the scar from the wound on his forehead. Prince Sidon grew into an honorable Zora Prince whom opposed the anti-Hylian sentiment of the Zora Council of Elders made up of former Zora Knights whom served as advisors and administrators of Zora's Domain. Only the priest and Elder Kapson did not hold Link or the Hylians responsible for the Great Calamity. Link's childhood friends such as the Big Bad Bazz Brigade members, Kayden, Kodah, and Zora born after the Great Calamity or too young to remember it also did not share the elder's bias towards Hylians or Link. Prince Sidon would eventually grow into a capable warrior whom became famous among the poor Hylian fishermen of Lurelin Village when he slew a giant Octorok that had been terrorizing the fishermen as they fished in Hateno Bay. Sidon grew popular among female Zora much as his sister had been with the male Zora during her lifetime. Though the elder's respected Sidon's skill and courage they opposed his attempts to foster stronger relations with the Hylian people. While the Gerudo, Gorons, and Rito maintained good trade relations with Hylians and opened their village's to Hylian travelers (though the Gerudo only permitted female tourist entry in accordance with Gerudo law, though a male Hylian merchant Vilia discovered how to enter Gerudo Town by masquerading as a woman), they generally handled their own problems and avoided seeking Hylian or other races assistance though retained a positive opinion of the Champions including Link. Urbosa became a heroine to her people while Daruk and Revali became legendary heroes idolized by their people. However Daruk was the only Champion who left behind descendants and his descendant Yunobo even inherited Daruk's Protection even though he lacked Daruk's warrior spirit though did his best to honor his ancestot's legacy with help from his mentor the Goron Patriarch Bludo. The Gerudo would elect a new chieftain in the wake of Urbosa's death. Eventually Makeela Riju would hold the position after the sudden death of her mother the previous Chieftain aided by her trusted bodyguard Buliara whom had been her mother's close friend, bodyguard, and advisor. Riju prayed to Urbosa and her mother for strength to lead their people. However worship of Hylia among the Gerudo suffered as a result of the Calamity and fading to the point her statue in Gerudo Town fell into a state of neglect. A landing platform in Rito Village was named Revali's Landing and his private Flight Range where Revali perfected Revali's Gale became a popular training ground for Rito warriors such as Teba who resolved to become an even greater warrior than Revali whom all Rito warriors looked up to. Meanwhile the Royal Family of Hyrule's surviving Sheikah court poet whom had once accompanied Zelda on a survey of the Shrines littered throughout Hyrule would take on the Rito Kass as his apprentice passing on his knowledge of legends through songs that spoke of various Shrines throughout Hyrule. The unnamed poet believed Link would one day return and on his deathbed told his student to take on a pilgrimage throughout Hyrule hoping he would pass on knowledge of these legends to Link. Kass also inherited his master's prized possession the Picture of the Champions a printed Sheikah Slate photo of the Champions taken by Purah before the Great Calamity. The poet however failed to complete his unfinished song The Champions' Ballad before his death which was intended to lead Link to the Final Trial located inside an unnamed fifth Divine Beast guarded by Monk Maz Koshia whom waited to give Link his final trial which would reward him with the Master Cycle Zero.

For a time Zelda's seal held strong allowing thieves like Misko and treasure hunters like Parcy to access the ruins of the abandoned Hyrule Castle. Misko even managed to steal an entire collection of historically significant armor which he hide throughout Hyrule before his death along with two journals detailing their location. However most avoided Hyrule Castle and the Hyrule Castle Town Ruins with only brave adventures daring to enter it in search of valuables and relics. However eventually Zelda's seal weakened as Ganon slowly feed off her divine power essentially making her a prisoner in her own Castle as she struggled alone to keep Ganon contained even if it was only partially. As his power increased, Guardians began patrolling Central Hyrule around the Castle which became home to monsters who patrolled its malice covered halls and ruined rooms. As a result the Castle became too dangerous even for experienced treasure hunters like Parcy and the area around the castle became a virtual no-man's-land that only the brave and foolish dared travel though most lost their lives doing so. Purah's Anti-aging research however went wrong causing her to regress to her 50's, 30's, and 20's, before regressing to a teenager at the onset of puberty before finally stabilizing after regressing to a six year old. Purah began working on a rune to reverse the process but her Furnace's Blue Flame went out forcing her and Symin to rely on primitive gaslight as she and Symin had no luck relighting the Furnace. Embarrassed by her condition, Purah hide it from her younger sister and grandniece, while informing Robbie hot to send his son to study under her leaving Jerrin and Robbie to wonder what had happened. Purah herself even became frustrated waiting for Link to awaken, while Impa waited patiently though Paya prayed that Link would soon awaken for their sake.

Calamity Ganon attempting to break free of Zelda's seal after Link awaken a century later

However, Link remained in stasis for a century and awakens in a weakened amnesiac state after hearing Zelda's telepathic call. Guided by the Sheikah Slate and Zelda speaking to him telepathically, he activates the Great Plateau Tower which causes buried Sheikah Towers to rise all over Hyrule which powers up various Shrines. Sensing Link's return, Calamity Ganon attempts to break free from Hyrule Castle but Zelda uses her power to partiality restore it though she is only buying him time. She implores Link to remember though cannot assist him because she is using all of her power to restrain Ganon. However, the spirit of King Rhoam in the guise of an old woodcutter living alone on the Great Plateau helps Link learn to survive while guiding him to the Shrines so the Sheikah Monks can train his mind, body, and spirit to confront Calamity Ganon through various trials. Eventually Rhoam reveals his true nature after Link acquires four Spirit Orbs from the four Shrines of Trial located on the Plateau. He encourages Link to seek out Impa to guide him on his journey to recover his lost memory, free the Divine Beasts which had become active in response to Link's return, and ultimately destroy Calamity Ganon to free Zelda and restore the Kingdom of Hyrule. The Gerudo, Gorons, Rito, and Zora found themselves plagued by the Divine Beasts that had once been their protectors. Meanwhile Purah and Impa took notice of the Sheikah Towers and Shrines activation seeing it as a sign of hope that Link had returned.

Rito Elder and Chieftain Kaneli warned the young warriors not to approach Vah Medoh though Teba and Harth refused to heed his warnings leading Harth to be injured while Teba survived and began training to confront Vah Medoh again. Prince Sidon and retired Zora Knight "Demon" Sergeant Seggin confronted Vah Ruta which threatened to flood the East Reservoir Lake of Zora's Domain with torrential rain. The reservoir had been created by Hylians and Zora in the past to control flooding that in the past occurred every decade in the province of Lanayru. King Dorephan like all King Zora before him had sworn an oath to guard Hyrule from flooding which had not been broken for ten thousand years. Though he did not know the cause, Seggin believed the rain was Mipha's tears over her failure to stop Ganon and fought to give his former student's soul peace despite his old age, though was unaware Mipha's murder Waterblight Ganon was behind the rain as Mipha's spirit was imprisoned inside Vah Ruta. Ironically King Dorephan and Prince Sidon knew of Vah Ruta's weakness thanks to Zelda's research. However they had to hit Vah Ruta's water pumps with Shock Arrows to shut them down which would be difficult for any Zora save for Seggin whom was the only Zora resistant enough to electricity to wield them. However even Seggin's resistance had its limits and he was unable to fire enough arrows to shut down the pumps. Seggin continued to train futilely refusing to consider Prince Sidon's suggestion they seek the aid of other races capable of wielding Shock Arrows against Vah Ruta. Prince Sidon first attempted to recruit a Goron but eventually realized he'd be two heavy to carry and eventually decided to seek Hylian assistance despite strong opposition from Seggin and most of the elders. However any Hylians he found were either unable or unwilling to help though Sidon continued his search.

Meanwhile Bludo and Yunobo confronted Vah Rudania driving him away from Goron City by firing Yunobo out of a Cannon covered with Daruk's Protection as normal cannonballs had no effect. Bludo trapped Vah Rudania on Death Mountain by having the Bridge of Eldin raised and worked with Yunobo to drive it back until Bludo's back gave out forcing Yunobo to go to the Abandoned North Mine to obtain painkillers for Bludo. Meanwhile Vah Naboris appeared in Gerudo Desert creating sandstorms and firing powerful lightning bolts at all who approached it. Rija and her faithful Sand Seal Patricia tried approaching Vah Naboris and easily avoided it lightning though Patricia became spooked while returning to Gerudo Town though Riju was found by Builara who blamed herself for what happened to Riju and refused to leave her side even after the Yiga Clan had stolen Urbosa's Thunder Helm which was the only thing that could survive Vah Naboris' lightning. Gerudo Captain Teake was charged with locating the Yiga Clan Hideout. Meanwhile Kohga the current leader of the Yiga Clan sent his footsoldier throughout Hyrule with a single objective: to kill the Hylian Champion whom had finally awoken.

Link would be aided by Impa and his surviving Sheikah allies Purah and Robbie, the goddess Hylia and her followes the Sheikah Monks, the Great Deku Tree and Korok tribe, Mipha's father King Dorephan, Mipha's brother Prince Sidon, Gerudo Chieftain Riju, Rito Minstrel Kass, Rito warrier Teba, and Daruk's descendant Yunobo. With the aid of his allies Link would free the divine beasts, recover the Thunder Helm, and reclaim the Master Sword along with his lost memories. Impa was relieved to see Link despite him failing to remember her while Paya became smitten with the dashing hero who had not aged since being placed in the Shrine of Resurrection. Purah quickly realized what had occured when Link appeared carrying the Sheikah Slate though this did not stop her from taking advantage of his amnesia to prank him as payback for making her, Impa, Robbie, and Zelda wait a century for him to return before assisting him in restoring the Sheikah Slate which had become damaged at some point causing some its original components to become corrupted. While assising in its repair, Purah was surprised to discover Link had acquired seveal runes she had discovered during her research but was pleased as she wouldn't have to add them. Robbie was first suspicious of Link at first fearing he may be a Yiga in disguise until he showed him the battle scars that had since healed and was thrilled to finally be able to provide Ancient Soldier Gear to Link provided he brought the necessary materials and Rupees as the lab was in desperate need of funding.

Though Seggin and the other Zora Elder's save for Kapson were outraged to learn of Link's survival, the other Zora and Kapson welcomed his return and King Dorephan gave him the Zora Armor Mipha had made for him which fit him perfectly. This allowed Prince Sidon to convince Muzu of Mipha's feelins for Link enough that he was willing to tell Link where to acquire Shock Arrows needed to stop Vah Ruta. Prince Sidon happily joined Link in confronting Vah Ruta though left freeing the beast to him as only a Champion can control them. Link would confront and slay Mipha's killer Waterblight Ganon freeing her spirit which bestowed her power Mipha's Grace upon him before taking control of Vah Ruta to support the man she loved as she had been unable to do in life. In freeing Vah Ruta with the assistance of Prince Sidon and support of King Dorephan, Link would redeem himself to the Zora Elders whom let go of their misplaced hatred of him and the Hylians. Bludo unaware of Link's identity enlisted his help in finding what was taking Yunobo so long to retrieve the painkillers. Link would assist Yunobo in escaping the mine storeroom which he had become trapped in after a rock slide. However Bludo's back went out despite the painkillers though Link whom regained his memory of his sworn brother Daruk thank to Bludo pointing out Daruk's monument in Goron City, took the opportunity to convince Yunobo into helping him reach Vah Rudania to free it and Daruk's spirit while giving Yunobo the opportunity to honor his ancestor's proud legacy. Daruk was pleased to see his people and Link survived the Great Calamity bestowing Daruk's Protection on Link before retaking control of Vah Rudania.

In Gerudo Desert, Link learned to disguise himself as a Hylian girl by wearing Gerudo women's clothing from Vilia at Kara Kara Bazaar allowing him to enter Gerudo Town. Riju recognized the Sheikah Slate and though she and Buliara realized his true gender as a result, out of respect for Urbosa, Riju allowed him to remain in Gerudo Town provided he continue to maintain his disguise. Riju enlisted Link in recovering the Thunder Helm as it was needed to approach Vah Naboris. Link snuck into the Yiga Clan's stronghold and slew their leader Master Kohga who swore the Yiga would seek bloody revenge which Calamity Ganon took full advantage of by not resurrecting Kohga. With Riju wielding the Thunder Helm, Link was able to enter Vah Naboris to free it and Urbosa's spirit while allowing Riju the opportunity to prove herself a capable leader like her mother and Urbosa before her. Her death avenged, Urbosa told Link not to blame himself for the Great Calamity as he and Zelda where still alive to confront Ganon and that she would support him in spirit through her retaking control of Vah Naboris.

In Rito Village, Kaneli at first thought Link was the Hylian Champion, though after thinking about it he came to the conclusion he must be a descendant due to his age unaware he had been preserved in stasis via Sheikah technology. However knowing only a Champion or their descendants could control Vah Medoh he requested Link's aid suggesting he seek out Teba whom still planned to confront Vah Medoh despite Harth's injury. Teba agreed to work with Link after he proved himself capable. Together they confronted Vah Medoh with Teba drawing its cannon fire while Link took them out with Bomb Arrows. Though Link was successful, Teba was injured as well leaving it up to Link to free Vah Medoh and Revali's spirit however Teba had proven himself Revali's superior as he had the humility to accept Link's assistance putting the greater good before his own pride. Begrudgingly Revali finally accepted Link as the chosen hero for avenging his death and retook control of Vah Medoh to support him and Zelda.

After recovering his memories, Link sought out the legendary Master Sword venturing through the Lost Woods to reach Korok Forest. However the Deku Tree warned Link the sword would test him to prove himself strong enough to remove it from its pedestal. Due to his weakened state Link was forced to train at various Shrines to obtain Heart Container from Hylia by offering Spirit Orbs while praying to one of her statues scattered throughout Hyrule. Eventually Link grew strong enough to remove and reclaim the Blade of Evil's Bane which delighted being reunited with its master. However the Great Deku Tree and Korok warned Link not to over rely on its sacred power to smite evil less he repeat his past mistakes. Eventually Link received a message teling him to return to Korok Forest to receive a new trial which the Deku Tree revealed would awaken the true power of the Master Sword, though Link would have to prove himself by conquering an difficult trial overseen by the Sheikah sword monks entrusted by Hylia with awakening the sword's true power once Link proved himself worthy.

Link would survive in the wilds of Hyrule facing many trials to gain the power and wisdom to confront Calamity Ganon and succeed in fulfilling the destiny he had failed to fulfil a century prior aided by the spirits of his follow Champions who retook control of the Divine Beasts after Link had avenged their deathes by slaying the Scourges of the Divine Beasts which had been protecting Calamity Ganon as he tried to reincarnate himself completely. However Link interrupted Calamity Ganon before he could complete it turning into Dark Beast Ganon in a desperate attempt to destroy Link after defeat he managed to defeat him. However Zelda supplied Link with the Bow of Light allowing him to defeat Ganon whom was then sealed by Zelda hopefully for good though she knew from history he might one day return to plague Hyrule again someday. Afterwards Zelda and Link went to Zora's Domain to reunite and work with their old ally King Dorephan and his remaining heir Prince Sidon in restoring the Kingdom of Hyrule to its former glory while the spirits of Rhoam, Mipha, Urbosa, Daruk, and Revali rested in peace knowing Hyrule's future was in capable hands.

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