"The great Hyrulean Cemetery lay just east of the Sanctuary. Buried there, were some of the most famous people in Hyrulian history. It was an eerie and mysterious place, and ghosts seemed always to hover nearby. It was said that some of the tombstones there hid not bodies, but buried treasures."
— Nintendo Player's Guide

The Graveyard, also referred to as the Hyrulian Cemetery, is a recurring location from the Legend of Zelda series. Located just east of the Sanctuary, the Graveyard is the resting place of some of Hyrule's most famous people throughout history.


The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Poes haunt the Graveyard. Before Link defeats Agahnim, Poes only appear if their graves are disturbed. Later, after Agahnim is defeated for the first time and the gate to the Dark World is open, Poes swarm around the graveyard. These Poes will pursue Link, and attack him if he comes near them.

One of the tombstones in the Graveyard contains a hole that leads to an underground passageway. Here, Link obtains the Magic Cape. Link can also enter the Secret Passage through another hole in the Graveyard.

The Graveyard's Dark World counterpart is the Ghostly Garden.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The Graveyard is home to Dampé the gravekeeper and contains a secret passage into the Sanctuary. Its Lorule counterpart is much different on the inside, as there are no torches on the ground. It replaces Rats, Ropes and Poes with Chasupas, Skullropes and Red Eyegores, and contains a Master Ore.

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