"Whoever reads this, please enter my grave. I will let you have my stretching, shrinking keepsake. I'm waiting for you."
Dampé's Diary

The Gravekeeper's Hut is a location from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. As its name implies, it is the house of Dampé, gravekeeper of the Kakariko Graveyard. Here can be found Dampé's diary on the dresser, next to his bed.


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When Link is a child, he can only enter the hut at night, when Dampé is hosting his Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour. At this time, the diary talks about a "treasures that stretches and shrinks" that Dampé found while digging. Though at the moment, this diary entry means virtually nothing, it foreshadows what is to come in the future. Link cannot enter during the day, however; if he tries, Dampé will inform Link that he is currently trying to sleep.

When Link awakens from his seven year slumber in the Sacred Realm, Sheik tells him of an item he must retrieve from Kakariko Village if he wishes to enter the Forest Temple and awaken the Sage of Forest. Upon arrival in the village, Link finds that Dampé has passed away. If he enters his hut, he finds that his diary is still there, and that the former gravekeeper's ghost has written a new entry which challenges those who may read his diary to enter his grave, at which point he will give them his keepsake. With this knowledge, Link enters Dampé's Grave and races the ghost through a maze-like cavern. When Link successfully reaches the exit, Dampé's ghost gives him the Hookshot, despite the fact that he initially stated he would never give it to anybody, and vanishes.

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