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Grass Whistles are objects mainly in Twilight Princess.[1] They are plants that grow in many places in Hyrule. With them, Link can whistle tunes to summon either a hawk or Epona.[2] As Wolf Link, Link can howl the appropriate tune when he is near either type of Grass Whistle.

Location and Uses[]

Ocarina of Time[]

Pre-release material indicate Link using an usable item known as the Reed Whistle to call Epona or wild horses.

Twilight Princess[]

Hawk Grass[]

Main article: Hawk Grass

Hawk Grass can be used to summon hawks, which can be aimed and released to retrieve faraway objects or attack enemies.

Horse Grass[]

Main article: Horse Grass

Horse Grass can be used to call Epona.



  1. "Owww... Using a Hawk... Brilliant... Maybe I'll start practicing my grass whistle..." — Hanch (Twilight Princess)
  2. "There are areas of the land where special whistle grass grows. If you are near the grass, press A to pick up and whistle with the grass. There are two types of special grass, one for horses and one for hawks." (Twilight Princess manual, pg. 21)