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Granny's Diary is an object in Majora's Mask.[1]

Location and Uses

The diary belonging to Granny can be found in the lower bedroom of the Stock Pot Inn. It is the only diary in Majora's Mask in which the entries changes from the First to the Second Day. Though she appears to be senile, often referring to people by the name of her late son, Tortus,[2] the entries in her diary present evidence that her mind is very much intact.

In the entry that can be read on the First Day, Granny laments Anju's horrible cooking, and writes that she has thought of a way to get by without eating the next day.[1] If Link returns to the Stock Pot Inn at lunch time on the Second Day, he can witness Anju trying to bring her Grandmother lunch, and her getting out of eating by feigning senility.[12] In the entry that can be read on the Second Day, Granny writes that the family has decided to take refuge from the imminent destruction of Termina by the Moon at Romani Ranch, and that they will be fleeing the next day. Lastly, she writes that she plans to take some of her late husband's favorite books.[13] Her evident awareness of the turmoil going on around her and that her family will be fleeing her lifelong home, probably for good, is further proof that her senility is merely a ruse.


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