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"I heard that the Lost Woods, where fairies live, is a strange place with many mysterious smells. I wish I could just once make medicine with some of the strange things I might find there... I may not be able to see very well anymore, but my nose still works fine! Hehehe!"
— Granny

Granny is a character from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. She resides in Kakariko Village and owns Granny's Potion Shop. Though she brews many potions there, she only sells what she calls "The Ultimate Potion", which fully refills Link's hearts and magic. She is depicted as an old woman with an abnormally long nose who is constantly stroking her pet tiger. She is a part of the trading quest for Biggoron's Sword.


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Little is known about Granny prior to the events of Ocarina of Time. However, she was once the apprentice of the Lake Scientist. The nature of this apprenticeship is unknown, but it is likely that she gained knowledge about the brewing of potions, as the Lake Scientist is knowledgeable about these things. She eventually opened a Potion Shop in Kakariko Village.

When Link is a youth, the Potion Shop is locked, and a sign can be found outside saying that Granny is out doing field research. When Link returns as an adult, he must give Granny the Odd Mushroom given to him by Grog, a possible relative of Granny's. From the Odd Mushroom, she creates an Odd Potion (Odd Poultice in the Nintendo 3DS version). After she has been given the Odd Mushroom, Link can buy Blue Potion from Granny for the price of 100 Rupees, indicating that the mushroom was a necessary ingredient in the creation of Blue Potion.

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Possible Family

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Some theories surround the possible family of Granny. One theory states that she is the wife of Mutoh and that the Cucco Lady and Grog are her children. Another theory states that she is the mother of Mutoh and the grandmother of the Cucco Lady and Grog. Since she is referred to as 'Granny' it is more than likely that Anju and Grog are her grandchildren and Mutoh is her son. Although, Mutoh, after being given the Poacher's Saw during the quest for Biggoron's Sword will tell Link that he thought that he had left it with his "old lady", which in English slang refers to someone's wife or girl friend. However, when someone says: "my old man", they are referring to their father, which may have lead to a transliteration error in the English language versions of the game. These theories are taken directly from conversations with other Kakariko Villagers, and none are confirmed.

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