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Grand Fairy

Grand Fairy
Grand Fairy
Main appearance(s)
Pinkle (daughter)

The Grand Fairy is a fairy who appears in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland.[citation needed] She makes her home in the Third Continent's Fairy Garden, and can be found in the central fountain. Although the garden was once a beautiful place, it is now a dry desert. When Tingle visits, the Grand Fairy charges him with restoring the five surrounding Fairy Fountains, which will help the land restore itself.

When Tingle succeeds in restoring all of the fountains, the Grand Fairy will tell him the truth about Rupeeland. Her desire is that Tingle will be able to stop Uncle Rupee's evil plans, and helps guide him further on his quest. What she neglects to tell Tingle, however, is that her daughter, Pinkle, is being held captive by Uncle Rupee. Tingle won't find this information out until he rescues Pinkle by obtaining all of the Rupee Goods.

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